Bitlife: Download it for free on PC

Bit Life is a life simulator game developed by Candy Writer. The game is entirely text-based and revolves around making life decisions for a fictional character you have created. From choosing their gender to their education, you are in complete control of all of their actions.

What sets the game apart from other Life Simulators is the element of RNG mixed into the game. You might succumb to disease or win the lottery at any particular point. With hundreds of different real-time events available in the game’s arsenal, you never know what curveball Bit Life will throw at you next! You can live the life you dreamt of by shaping your character to your own will. The game intelligently incorporates features such as marriage, getting a job, getting an education, and provides contextual information according to your choices.

For example, you have a higher chance of getting a good job if you pursue a degree. However, you’ll also be raked with debt by the time you get out of it. Or, you can strike lucky and win the lottery or not go to school at all and pursue a career in an entirely different field. The world is your oyster in Bit Life, and that’s what makes the game extremely popular, with over 10 million downloads to date.

Why choose LDPlayer for BitLife on PC?

LDPlayer is a complete package that brings you many features you can wish for on a mobile device and more. The LDPlayer’s list of features is way too long and before we jump into it, let’s take a look at its achievements. LDPlayer is the first-ever emulator that brings your three built-in huge stores in one place. Three stores include Google Play Store, LD Store, and Uptodown App Store.

Each store has Millions of android Applications, Softwares, eBooks, and games. Each store has its ratings and users’ experience, which explains a lot why LDPlayer has them and why you should choose LDPlayer. LDPlayer’s developers’ team’s whole purpose is to provide you the best features and experience they can. LDPlayer is also the first android emulator to successfully run PUBG Mobile within a week of its release while other emulators were facing unknown issues.

It also uses its Gamer-Oriented feature that increases your GPU, Processor, and RAM potential to its max. By doing that, the emulator provides you the extra speed and pings which you need in almost every action role-playing game. Do not worry; LDPlayer doesn’t harm your PC with this feature; it just pushes your RAM and Processor to their fullest.

LDPlayer provides 120FPS and a special boost for multiple games, making LDPlayer the fastest emulator to play PUBG Mobile on PC, Free Fire on PC, etc. LDPlayer also features almost every high FPS, high Graphics, and high-Performance game available for mobile devices. It doesn’t end here LDPlayer has so much more feature which you can experience by yourself when you start using it for android games and apps.

Every LDPlayer’s feature makes it the fastest and lightest emulator to play games like PUBG Mobile on PC. Let us tell you what matters most in PUBG Mobile if you haven’t played. Pings, RAM, and Processor matter most when it comes to playing PUBG Mobile. What LDPlayer does is stabilize your pings so you can have an uninterrupted gaming session.

How to download BitLife on PC? 

Follow the below-given procedure to download BitLife on PC

  • Download and Install the LDPlayer emulator. 
  • Log in with your Gmail account and go to any of the three stores given within the LDPlayer. 
  • Search Among Us and Download and Install it with just one tap. 

You can also download BitLife on PC by using LDPlayer emulator or APK files. 

Download APK files from any website and drag them into LDPlayer to install Among Us on PC. You can also download and play other games on PC using the LDPlayer emulator. So, download BitLife on PC today with an LDPlayer emulator. 


You might have never heard about the LDPlayer’s “gamer-oriented feature.” LDPlayer is one of the very few android emulators with this feature, along with some other amazing features. This particular feature increases your Laptop/PC’s output by increasing your Processor, Graphics Card, and RAM potential without harming it or heating it.

Every LDPlayer feature provides you the best gaming experience possible on a Laptop/PC, but its “gamer-oriented feature” is specially designed to give you a real gaming experience, which you have been missing the whole time.

A High-performance/High FPS game that requires huge space doesn’t bother the LDPlayer emulator. All LDPlayer provides you with a better experience, enhances your gameplay through its features, and makes you a better player.

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