Best Study Hacks To Help You Prepare for Class 9 Olympiad

Olympiad exams at the school level are competitive assessments that are conducted to assimilate critical thinking abilities and logical abilities in school students. It additionally accentuates learning the ideas of Mathematics, Science, and English. The goal of these tests is to foster the young students for the competitive exams and challenges that they would face in the future.

Olympiad tests are conducted at a very large scale for the students to examine their efficiencies and capacities. Giving these tests at the state level or all India level where students from various schools and regions contend with one another assists them in boosting up their self-belief and gives them an opportunity to develop scholastically and intellectually.

Students from class 1 to Class 12 can take part in various Olympiad Examinations. For the students interested in these tests, the students need to apply through their schools as it were. However, the genuine issue here is that how they can get ready for the Olympiad Examinations along with preparing with their ordinary school studies.

Here are some of the best study hacks to help you prepare for the class 9th Olympiads –

  •       Go through the syllabus –

Check the syllabus of the Olympiad which you plan to give so that you get to know what all you have to study for the exam. For each Olympiad test, you might actually take a look at the syllabus from its official site of SOF. Going through the syllabus prior to beginning planning for the test will assist you with knowing the specific topics you really wanted to cover so that you might make a proper study plan for all the topics accordingly.

  •       Plan a legitimate study timetable and stick to it –

The students who are planning for any of the Olympiads need to follow the appropriate study plan by setting up a particular study method for each specific subject. The right study timetable assists you by giving appropriate time to each subject and topic. It makes your study more coordinated consequently helping you in accomplishing your objective effectively and adequately. As important as making a study timetable is, perhaps more important is to stick to it and adhere to it week in, week out. Students must not give up on the timetable that they plan and should keep following it until they complete the entire syllabus.  

  •       Get a comprehensive understanding of the basic fundamentals –

As the questions asked in the Olympiad tests are for the most part dependent on applied concepts, students should concentrate on every point and study them in-depth in order to acquire a satisfactory understanding of the ideas and rationales working behind that specific topic. Only detailed studying can make the students sure and skilled enough to be able to answer the complex questions that are asked in the various subjects that the student chooses to appear for.

  •       Make notes as you study, for revision –

As the Olympiad tests are based on the curriculum that is followed in the school, so students should make running notes for every subject that is taught to them in the class. These notes will be exceptionally valuable for future references and corrections, subsequently assisting you with learning quicker and helping in revising all the topics quickly. Students can also make separate notes by themselves at home, based on their understanding of the topic that they are studying. However, it is recommended that they make notes in the class itself as the teachers share valuable tips in the class which cannot be found anywhere else.

  •       Practice earlier year papers, sample papers –

Earlier year papers such as IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 9 2013 are consistently helpful to gather knowledge of the sort of questions posed in the Olympiad exams. Additionally, solving these papers will help you in testing your Olympiads preparation and gauging which topics are weaker than others so that you can work on them before the main exam and strengthen these topics. Other than this, students should also practise from sample papers to rehearse various patterns of questions covering every topic. Analysis after giving a previous year paper or a sample paper is also really important so that you can see which topics are lagging behind. Solving sample papers gives you the practice of solving the entire paper in the given time limit without leaving out any questions thus increasing your speed in attempting the Olympiad exam.

  •       Remain focused on the objective –

We know that anything that is learned with optimum focus and the right mentality is understood quite well and retained in our minds for a longer time. So, while getting ready for the Olympiad tests, always try to be concentrated and mindful while studying. Additionally, to clear the Olympiads successfully, it is essential to be self-confident and not to doubt if you have done enough preparation. Be confident that you have done your best and given everything that you could have in the preparation for the Olympiads, then don’t worry about what the result will be.

  •       Every day learn new English words and solve more Maths questions –

Learn no less than one English word each day in order to enrich your vocabulary in case you are planning on giving the International English Olympiad (IEO). Continue to solve crosswords or riddles in papers and books, as they help in making you think out of the box to find the solution and engage your problem-solving part of the mind, which is essential in solving questions of the Olympiads you are appearing for. For Maths, try to solve more and more problems related to the topics from the syllabus daily, so that you remain in touch with the concepts and their applications and get enough practise before the Olympiad.


A student doesn’t have to join any additional coaching classes or take any additional tuitions for Olympiad test preparations. Just careful study of every topic and concept by concentrating on every topic mindfully in the class can be sufficient to dominate these complex tests.


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