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Out of all the different forms of gambling available, slots are the games that offer a solitary gambling experience. This hasn’t affected their popularity because they are still the most popular form of gambling that exists today – click to visit.

Other forms of gambling offer players a more sociable environment such as poker and live casino table games. Even online bingo helps to create a community spirit thanks to the numerous chatrooms that accompany each virtual bingo hall. 

Whether slot players care about the lack of community they experience whilst they spin the reels, remains unclear, but some slot casinos are trying to readdress the balance by bringing community spirit into these games as well, and this is coming courtesy of online casino slot tournaments. 

What Is a Casino Slot Tournament? 

A slot tournament is a special event that brings slot players together to compete to win prizes. These tournaments can be small-scale or major events and the prizes can vary from cash to tech bundles worth hundreds of pounds. Some tournaments require players to pay a buy-in fee whilst others are freeroll slot competitions. 

The general rule is that buy-in tournaments offer the best quality prizes because a prize pool is created from the fee that is paid upon entry to the competition by casino customers.  Freeroll tournament prizes are on a much smaller scale because a player cash prize pool is not established. Both types of tournaments have limited spaces and registration is needed before the given deadline. 

How Are Slots Chosen for Tournaments? 

The slot that is the focus of the tournament is usually one that needs some publicity because it is new, or it may be a game from the company that creates the software platform, that the casino tournaments are played out on. Sometimes these software developers also approach big casino brands with a tournament proposal that is of mutual benefit to both organizations. 

The aim for tournament entrants is to win the most points during a certain time frame, or a set number of spins from a set stake. This usually means that those who win the most money either by hitting a bonus round or by triggering a base game special feature, during the tournament, end up topping the leader board. 

Who Provides the Slot Tournaments? 

Tournament providers tend to be large gambling software and slot developing companies. Two of the biggest providers of slot tournaments are Microgaming and NetEnt. Microgaming is no stranger to developing cutting-edge gambling platforms and they are the creative force behind the first-ever online casino software that was developed in 1994. They are also prolific slot game developers and the slot tournaments they push, usually, revolve around a Microgaming slot. Furthermore, the tournaments they are involved in, take place on Microgaming software platforms.

NetEnt has been active in the gambling industry for the best part of 20 years, during this time they have produced some memorable slots and are also behind gambling software platforms that are used by numerous casinos. Their software is also utilized in many slot tournaments that are held by popular casino brands. 

So, if you have recently taken part in a slot game tournament, the chances are that one of these two companies was involved in the competition somewhere along the line.

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