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Best features for your new house

Having your own house is the dream of everyone. Having a home is just one part of it. You might also have prepared yourself for having a particular feature to stand out. Some of us, rater I can say most of us are spending time in the kitchen talking to our loved ones while preparing delicious food. Or sometimes it’s the living room with lots many friends crashed on your sofa. That’s why we have a floor plan in our minds.

Generally speaking, you aren’t responsible for creating blueprints of the house. Once you find a suitable property, you get to get an architect who will professionally design a floor plan. With Truoba, you can design/construct your own ideas with experts who guide you throughout the entire home-building journey. For technically sound plans, you can directly rely on us. Check out great-designed houses by Truoba house plans.

This blog allows us to introduce some of the important features of a house if you are helping your architect make it according to your requirements.

1. Master bedroom with a sitting area

The Master bedroom comes on top as you start and end your day here. It has to be well designed to fit a king/queen-sized bed and a proper closet along with other important things like a PlayStation or television set. And nothing should come in between your bed and bathroom. Having a house of every little detail is a blessing.

2. Well equipped kitchen area

Ideally, Kitchen planning should account for two cooks to work together simultaneously without feeling congested. Unlike olden days, kitchens today are well equipped with the latest gadgets and appliances. Make sure to have plenty of space and power supply outlets on appropriate walls of the kitchen. Again, you can’t ignore safety measures; so, make sure to have all the precautions taken while building it.

3. Kid’s bedroom:

When it comes to kids, we are very sensitive, and we obviously should be. Kids’ bedrooms must be very safe and childproof. It is one of the most important points in this article. Make it study-friendly too. It must fit in everything needed within. Keep proper space for computer systems and bookshelf too along with toy-rack.

4. Living room:

The living room must be attractive. Try n make it artistic and at the same time family-friendly. Make sure to have enough space for a couch/sofa (and additional beanbags) so that you, your family, and friends can be comfortable. Having space for TV, Play station, Music system and extra room for your pet is a must!

5. Pet space:

This section is only for pet owners. Keep a nice and cozy place for your pet. If you have a cat, keep a place to build or buy an attractive, twisted cat house. Although, in any case, we all know he will take more interest in boxes than a 100$ playhouse you buy for them. If it’s a dog or any other animal, you must keep room for them to fit perfectly. We understand their place in your life. Hence at Truoba, we have taken care of all of it.

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