All you Need to Know About When Buying Welding machines in Kenya

Machines have come to improve human lifestyle and reduces the intensity of work done. Welding machines are used in joining metallic materials by generating heat which melts metals in order to attain a desirable structure that will fit the uses intended. There are many types of these machines in the market and finding them is quite easy. Every type of welding machine has its own special purpose. Price is a prior factor to be considered when purchasing such machine.


Purchasing a welding machine requires powerful cognition on how it operates and also knowing its performance on the intended task at home or at any business enterprise. This lays a great foundation on how you can spend time and money selecting the effective machine to help you archive specific tasks. You will be able to give a guess on the price of that machine as it is stated by the retailer.

It is also quite hectic to operate machines if you are not guided on how to operate them, in particular welding machine. Due to the extended technology there has been introduction of other new machines which also has been applied in the welding machines. This article will focus on the features, prices and the operations of different welding machine.

How it works

A welding machine has its unique functions that are used in construction. It produces heat which cause metal to melt and give room for merging two metals together. Heat is gotten from the two different poles which are negative pole and positive pole after a short-circuit. One of the pole is attached to the metal and a solder is attached on to the other pole after which the two are made to short-circuit.

The solder, as an electrode, is used to make an arc on the metal which then is filled with molten metal. The solder contains a coat that produces protective gas after it is burnt to avoid oxidation of the metal. The two metals being joined together should be in contact during that process of short-circuiting. This is to ensure that the two combine before the metal solidifies.

Types of welding

Welding machine price in Kenya can also be determined by the types of welding available in cosmos and also in the country. There is the gas metal arc welding which is commonly used in industries and in making home structures. It uses electric current and wired electrodes which have different signs. There is supply of protective gas.

Another one is TIG welding. Similarly, like in gas metal arc welding, TIG also uses an electric arc. The electrodes here are made of tungsten which is a very tough metal with high melting and boiling point. Also, a protective gas from external source is provided. STICK is another form of welding which is portable and effective for use underwater.

FLUX-cored arc welding is another form that is similar to gas metal arc welding. It has electrodes that are connected with wires from the source. The main purpose for this is welding type is to operate on thick metals.


The features of a welding machine makes it popular and effective during work, it converts current into heat without affecting the operator which is known to be detrimental to human life. There are welding machines that are small in size and this feature makes them portable. It can be moved from one place to another at ease and this makes it convenient for use. Furthermore, it is easy to operate.

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The product gotten after welding is usually strong which increases the durability of the structure formed. It is believed that welds tend to have almost the same strength as the original metal.


Maintenance of a machine is one thing to consider after purchasing it so that it can provide effective service and for a long time. One maintenance practice that you should carry out is regular inspection of the cables connecting the electrodes to detect any wear on them and if there is any, it should be repaired immediately. The safety gadgets that protect the machine against electric surge should be inspected at least once in a month.

Blowing the interior of the machine is necessary after every six months to avoid accumulation of dust. The power should be disconnected when carrying out this operation. The drive rolls should be cleaned after an interval of four months.


The prices are moderately high but according to the above knowledge it is evident that the machine is effective. The welding machine price in Kenya is determinable and you are able to make judgment as to why the prices are as stipulated. The prices are different since it depends on what type of welding machine you would like to purchase.


It is evident that the welding machine has great input and advantages to the user. It can be used at any place since it is portable and convenient even under the sea. To use welding machine in specified places requires great knowledge that have been provided above. For more information, visit

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