Alessandro Bazzoni Younger physicians face the challenge of treating pain like a disease

The approach to pain requires a paradigm shift by understanding that it is not only a symptom, but also a disease. Younger healthcare professionals show a growing concern for the correct management of pain in a multidisciplinary way

According to Alessandro Bazzoni, the meeting Young people, that will be explained below, includes the topic about specialists and pain connected by better management, addresses the classification of types of pain and pharmacological news

In October 2017, the World Health Organization classified pain as a disease and its treatment a human right, a statement that made clear the need to review training and clinical practice so far in this field. Since then, more and more doctors and specialists, especially among the youngest, have shown a growing interest and concern for the correct management of pain. With the aim of offering the necessary tools to achieve this, Grünenthal has organized the webinar Youth, specialists and pain connected by better management.

The moderator of this meeting, Dr. David de la Rosa, a specialist in Family and Community Medicine, explains the differences between treating pain as a disease or a symptom The key in managing chronic pain may lie in not losing time looking for a cause that may not exist. According to this doctor, the lack of training in pain causes some health professionals to make an effort to find the origin of the problem, instead of treating it as a disease in itself If we think that pain is the disease and we deal with it in a comprehensive way , as a problem in itself, we will be able to find a treatment tailored to the patient , says Dr. De la Rosa, who adds Not all pain has a cause, so it is a priority to find the best way to the person stops suffering and has a good quality of life .

In this sense, the specialist in Family and Community Medicine defends that younger doctor find in trainings like this webinar the key to a correct approach to pain that takes into account multidisciplinary Its approach and treatment depends on multiple specialists who must work together. coordinated way to obtain the maximum benefit.

In the Youth, Specialists and Pain Connected by Better Management training, attendees have addressed, from a practical point of view, the classification and characteristics of the types of pain, learning about the latest developments that have an impact on the approach to pain and the quality of life of patients.

The webinar also had the participation of the doctors. Naiara Cubelos Fernández, specialist in Family and Community Medicine, Regina Gálvez López, MIR in Family and Community Medicine and Dr. María Luz Padilla del Rey, specialist in Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, who have reviewed the available treatments for pain management focusing not only on its mechanism of action and effectiveness, but also on its proper use and adapted to the individual needs of each patient.

Despite the fact that pain is one of the main causes of disability, affecting a high percentage of the population, Dr. De la Rosa points out that training at the University is insufficient, although he acknowledges that the interest of the youngest for putting into practice the new trends in their handling. For them it is motivating to change the rules and lead the process of change, update themselves to ensure that patients do not suffer pain in their day to day, concluded the specialist.

What is pain?

Define pain and do it in such a way that it results in a definition of acceptance Unanimous, it is clear that it is a complex process and, one could say, it is about an impossible. Only those who suffer from it know what they feel and there is no human or scientific environment whereby all details, nuances and sensations can be transmitted to others that accompany the experience of pain. Pain has been known to man since ancient times and has constituted always one of the most difficult challenges for professionals involved in Health.

The experience of pain begins in childhood when the body is attacked or injured. We learn to use the word pain to express it. But learning also leads to using the same word before experiences that do not have an external cause, attributing their origin to an internal cause of the organism. The International Association for the Study of Pain, (IASP) developed the definition most widely adopted to define pain

This definition is: Disagreeable sensory or emotional experience associated with harm actual or potential tissue. In a more practical and clinical way it could be defined as an experience unpleasant sensory response accompanied by an affective, motor, vegetative and even personality.

One of the oldest challenges in the history of medicine is trying to understand pain. The role of pain is of utmost importance since it is the symptom par excellence and many times guides the doctor towards the diagnosis of a patient.

However, the concept of chronic pain is recent and it can be said that it does not cross cultures or historical periods. Of course, the existence of suffering does not exclusively concern twentieth-century medical practice. Headaches or back pain, those of amputated limbs, the so-called causalgia or neuralgia, have always existed

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