A quick run-through of the most popular types of custom tablecloths for your corporate and personal purposes 

You may require a custom tablecloth for functional purposes or purely decorative reasons. For newcomers, the material, shape, and choice of size can be extremely bewildering. You may want to get something for bequeathing to your progenies. At other times, you may want several disposable tablecloths to fortify the furniture and delicate items at a kid’s party.

You can also use them in special events like weddings and anniversaries to add a fab element.

  • The fitted tablecloths are very popular. You design them to ensure a snug fit. They can embrace the table legs. They also entail pleats to prevent baggy corners.
  • There are special corporate tablecloths comprise a decorative side/edge for masking unpleasant marks/messes from visitors or guests, alongside allowing seamless access to the storage area (sub-table).
  • The rectangle tablecloths showcase the classic optimization of form. It can fit in various types of tables. It’s famous for its shape, which comprises two equidistant lengths that face each other.

More on the types

The standard table covers are a ubiquitous feature in trade shows. The logo-specific variation provides you with the bandwidth to design and use a custom tablecloth from the scratch to end.

  • If you want a professional, slick appearance for your upcoming event, the traditional standard tablecloths showcase custom printing of your logo or design. It ensures brand recognition and stands out from the rest.
  • You can also choose a promotional tablecloth with the spill and stain-resistant 300D material.
  • The custom tablecloths will prevent the table from embarrassing accidents and spills. You can easily wipe them away without leaving behind any dampness. This style is ideal for marketers and exhibitors in the hospitality and food and beverage industries.
  • The convertible tablecloths are perfect for trade shows. Their adjustable size allows you to station 6ft-8ft tables or the 4-6ft ones within a few minutes.
  • You can find this style in the flagship companies. There are both branded and fully-printed tablecloth styles that carry the logo print.
  • The adhesive straps are receptive to the fabric, ensuring a seamless and simple size conversion. These covers are clinical for promoting your brand at multiple events.
  • You can also go for crossover tablecloths. They feature two table throws (complementary designs), which you position on each other.

They form a uniquely stunning look. You specially design them in three sizes, 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft. They include your custom artwork or logo.

Table runners and skirts

Although not typically table throws, table runners are a fantastic addition. It’s a special type of custom tablecloth, which falls in the category of decorative fabric accents. They are narrower than a standard table throw. You commonly use them in the middle of exhibition tables to get an over-the-top throw.

You can also use table skirts as a substitute to table covers in places where it’s advisable to cover the table’s top surface. Head on to this site if you’re looking to purchase table covers wholesale.

The most popular one, as you know, is the fitted contour tablecloth. You make these covers with premium, stretchy fabric. It coils around the table’s structure. These covers have a sophisticated appearance.

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