8 Signs You May Struggle With Alcohol

You do not have to be a full-blown alcoholic to have a problem with alcohol. Alcohol abuse can take on many forms. Not every individual struggling with alcohol addiction fits into the preconceived stereotypes that you may have. Here are eight signs that you struggle with alcohol.

Drinking Alone

For many people with a healthy relationship with alcohol, consuming their favorite adult beverage happens when they are socializing with friends and family. However, regular instances of drinking alone can be a sign that you are leaning on alcohol as a crutch. While the occasional glass of wine to unwind at the end of the day is certainly acceptable, you may want to take inventory if you find yourself spending a significant amount of time drinking alone.

Reaching for a Drink to Combat a Hangover

We have all been there. Waking up with a headache after a night of drinking. The healthy thing to do in this case is to hydrate and pop some aspirin. Reaching for another drink to take the edge off a hangover is one of the most serious signs that this is developing into a problem. Experiencing symptoms of alcohol withdrawal is another issue related to this sign. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms include irritability, nausea, sweating, and disruptions to sleep patterns.

Experiencing Legal Problems

Getting into legal problems as a result of your drinking is a sure signal that alcohol is causing significant issues in your life. Examples of these problems would be a DUI arrest, getting into a fight at a bar, or anything else that lands you in hot water and can be traced back to your drinking.

Forgetting Portions of the Day or Night

Blacking out while drinking is a real cause for concern. It is clear that you are drinking too much if you find yourself waking up and having difficulties piecing together what happened the night before.

Your Tolerance is Increasing

For many people, one of the first signs that their casual use of alcohol is developing into something more serious is that they notice their tolerance is increasing. This means that you need to drink more to chase that buzz that you are craving. Tolerance for alcohol increases as the brain adapts to the booze and becomes less sensitive to the normal effects.

Causing Problems in Relationships

Your alcohol use may be out of hand if it is causing friction in your valued relationships. If your drinking has caused issues with friends and family, it is time to put down the bottle and get yourself help. Addressing your dependence on alcohol will help you to build and nurture meaningful relationships with the people that matter the most to you.

Having Trouble Keeping Up with Life

Are you finding yourself missing work deadlines? Are you getting behind on schoolwork? If so, you need to take a hard look at yourself to determine if it is your use of alcohol that is causing you to get behind on your life responsibilities. If your excessive drinking is preventing you from staying on top of life, that is a telltale sign that you may be dealing with a serious addiction.

Craving Alcohol

Individuals dealing with a drinking problem tend to crave alcohol to the point that it interferes with daily life. A social drinker may enjoy a few boozy drinks, however, they do not find themselves physically craving their next fix. If you cannot focus on anything but when and where you will get your next drink, this is a serious red flag that you need to address the issue of your drinking.

Steps to Take

If you notice that these signs are showing up with greater frequency, it is time to look into an alcohol rehab Mississippi facility. The professionals at a dedicated facility are equipped with the tools and knowledge to help you to break this addiction so that you can live your life to the fullest.

It may sound cliche but accepting that you may have a problem is the first step to recovery. Knowing the most common signs of alcohol abuse will help you to determine your next course of action.

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