7 Useful tips to help new surfers enjoy their experience

Surfing is not just a hobby or a water sport but also breathes life and fills you with positivity and enthusiasm. As you get ready to take on the next big wave, you also get a boost to take on your challenges the next day with renewed energy.

As you get to catch surf in New Zealand and be ready to ride the waves, understand that getting tossed is integral to the game. Despite that, it is a fun activity that refreshes you, connects you with nature, helps make new surf buddies, and inspires life.

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You are not going to conquer the first wave you hit, but you can most certainly get the command with consistency, effort, and time. Here are some tips that will help new surfers to get started on a positive note.

  • Choose location wisely

Remember you are doing it for the first time. It would be wise to go for a mellow ride instead of going for high waves. So, find a location that supports you as a beginner. Research or ask people to locate a beach with small, easy, and rolling waves. Starting with friendly water will give you the necessary confidence. Read More about hub4u click here cinewap Visit here viewster

  • Inspect the waves

Scout the beach that you want to surf on. You can either research online or take a drive to know the condition and average height of the waves there. Pick a beach with laid-back vibes. Next, watch the waves to find the right time to dive in. The ideal way is to sandwich your charge between sets of larger waves.

  • Register a landmark

As a novice surfing you can be tossed up, down, right, left, and even upside down. Which way you will be drifted depends on the current. So, pick a landmark, preferably on the outside, to stay even with your lineup position. Staying at the outer edge where the wave breaks gives you some balancing benefits.

  • Wax the board

A swipe of wax before every session can be remarkably beneficial for new surfers. It prevents you from slipping off the board and getting dropped into the water. A good waxing job helps you stay on top of both board and wave.

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  • Wear a leash

Leashing up helps you catch on more waves as you stay on the board and not chase it in the water. It also prevents you from hitting other surfers and saves you from embarrassment. No matter how uncool you find it, consider leashing essential as you begin your surfing journey.

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  • Pop up practice

Practicing pop-up gives you a much necessary head up before you hit the wave. Even if you do not want to look naive, practicing pop-ups can be greatly helpful in getting your position and posture right. You place your board on the sand, dig a hole for fin, lay down on your stomach, and imitate paddling.  It will help you master your waves quicker.

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  • Get the timing right

Timing the wave right is crucial to get over it and start riding. When you decide to take on a wave, keep looking at it, and paddle at the right time just where it is about to break. If you are too far, the wave will pass under you. If you are too in, it will pass over your head. Getting the position and timing right is crucial.

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