7 Pro Tips For Creating An Animated Video:

Having a new business and not knowing how you can expand it and reach your target audience? For this, you need to get connected with some of the best animation studios in California that help in building your company reputation by using different animation styles.

Video production services play an important part in getting not only the attention of the target audience but also helps in growing the business.

It is observed that visual attracts the attention of the people and helps in delivering the message of the company in the right way. For this, many companies are ready to serve you.

Pro Tips to create a 2D animation video:

Following are some of the pro tips that might help you in obtaining the best-finished product for your company:

1.  Brainstorming

Before you are getting started with the video it is necessary you study the brand and then do in-depth research about the project. This is known as the brainstorming step. When you do brainstorm you land on different ideas, and this helps in creating an impactful animated video.

Before starting with the step of brainstorming you must have a detailed meeting with the client and ask him/her basically what they are looking for in their company or brand.

Through this approach, you will learn that what kind of expectation he/she is having regarding the 2D animated video from your side.

It will be helpful if you work on a questionnaire and send it to your client so that he may fill it out for your ease. This will help in gathering details like what is the purpose of the video, who is the target audience and what are the key points that need to be highlighted, and many more.

You must do in-depth industry research and see what others in the same market are doing and how your client’s product will compete with them.

2. Concept and Scripting

Once you are done with gathering the information regarding the client’s product or service or even the market analysis is done that is what the competitor in the same market doing it’s now the time of building concepts.

Concept and script play an important part in building the foundation of the video. You must focus on this step and give extra time and concentration to it. If you neglect this step might possible the after steps are ruined as well and you will land not only wasting your time but also losing your client.

When working on a video idea focus on character-driven video that consists of strong emotions and helps in starting a conversation. Through this, you can obtain a more conceptual and engaging video.

After you are done building the concept get in touch with the client and show him basically what you did. If it is approved by the client now it is time that you work on the script of the video.

The script helps in telling the directions of the video and you can tell your team what is coming when in the video. So, this also an important step that takes not only time but also the focus of the scriptwriter, and the concept of the writer needs to be very clear in it.

3. Creating Storyboard

A storyboard is explained as the visual detailing of the video that is in this step scene by scene story. In this step, the flow of the video is defined through visuals, objects, and actions.

You can either draw the sketches by your hand or use software that is related to storyboarding like Storyboarder or Plot.

This step helps the designer, voiceover artist, and animator that what is exactly happening in the video.

The script helps in designing the background and characters of the video, identifying the pitch and where to take pauses, and build transition in the animation.

4. Voiceover

Most of the best animation studios in California seek the help of the voiceover artist for giving life to the video. The voiceover artist help in building the impactful narrative of the video.

It depends on the perspective of the video which helps you in finding out the right type of voiceover artist for the video.

You can easily find out the voiceover artist from different platforms like Voices and Fiverr. Before getting in touch with the voiceover artist make sure that you are having the in-depth info of your character that what is the right tone, pitch, and pace you are looking for that character.

5. Styling

On this animation stage, the styling plays its game. Further visualization and styles are added in this step. The styling takes place after studying the complete brand guideline of the client.

Most of the time it is a colored storyboard having customized professional images. Furthermore, the details like backgrounds, well-defined character designs, illustrations, or any text icon are also added in this step.

6. Animation

Here your video animation starts taking place and movements are added to your story. Life is added in the video through the animation in objects, characters, and background. In the end, the voiceover is added timely to move towards the finalized step.

7. Sound Effects

Either your video is looking for upbeat music or a soulful melody or any other additional sound effects then in this step these are added.

It is called the touch-ups in the videos that take place at the last minute of the animation process.

The selection of the sound effects completely depends on the budget of the client if it is high so the animation company gets connected with the music composer if not then you can take any free resource.


These are some of the pro tips or you can say steps for creating a 2D animated video. If you are living in California then most of the best animation studios in California are using these tips to produce the best-animated videos.

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