6 Types of Paid Advertising to Grow Your Business

It is a given that the internet has become an essential part of life. People depend on search engines such as major ones like Google to provide them with everything they need, whether to gain information or to find products or services. Thus, most businesses understand that digital marketing is the way to go if they want to achieve their goals. Digital marketing allows them to promote their brand and be profitable. Companies that employ the most up-to-date marketing strategies generate more leads, traffic, and sales than those who are still using dated marketing techniques. For business owners, digital marketing is a must to outrank its competitors and to establish itself as a principal figure in its industry.

While organic SEO and content marketing effectively send out a clear message about an online business, they still need to invest something for the company to grow. Paid advertising is an effective method to drive traffic and generate leads. What makes this method different from owned or earned advertising is that the business owner is required to buy ad spots to attract online traffic to their site.

Paid advertising offers several benefits, making it a preferred marketing method for many successful online businesses. For starters, it produces immediate results. A paid ad is displayed right after it is approved, compared to SEO that could take months before gaining traction. It is also easily measurable, builds up trust and fosters stronger relationships with the targeted audience, and helps a company have more control over the people who see their ads and the amount of money they spend for them. For business owners who have little or no idea about paid advertising but are determined to use it as their digital marketing method, it would be best to partner with professionals from a PPC Indianapolis agency. You will need to know about Google ads agency.

Below are 6 types of paid advertising that help businesses grow.

  1. Paid Search Ads. Most digital marketers are familiar with paid search ads. For users, these PPC ads are mostly seen when searches are conducted for various topics on Google and other search engines. They are visible on SERPs and are helpful when it comes to driving relevant traffic to a website. This type of advertising is a kind of PPC campaign that is most commonly used because of the positive results it provides.
  2. Email marketing. Email marketing is one of the older methods of paid advertising that have proven to be effective and cheaper than other paid advertising methods. It is useful in building up the loyalty of customers to a brand and increases the company’s sales. With an efficient campaign manager handling email marketing, a business owner can quickly determine the current state of the strategy and keep track of their ROI. To be successful with email marketing, the company must come up with an email address directory and send out email campaigns highlighting the product, promotions, or published content, straightforwardly.
  3. Video ads. Video is a winner when it comes to advertising. Digital marketers can engage directly with their targeted audience through the videos they produce. There is no denying that people are more attracted to videos than anything else. They are even more apparent in social media, where most of the users in various social media platforms spend time viewing and sharing them. For online businesses, social media networks offer the best opportunities to grow, and through video ads on social media, they increase their chances of succeeding. From smartphones to email marketing, video ads can significantly increase traffic on a company’s site.
  4. Display ads. Display ads are one of the most affordable PPC ad types that effectively reach users interested in the company’s business. They are visible on partner websites of Google and are typically composed of both text and image. Display ads allow businesses to single out people they believe are most likely to support their brand and can either be set up for a targeted audience or focus its efforts on targeting those who visit related websites.
  5. Social media ads. It is a known fact that social media is a marketing arena, leading with regard to its countless number of users. Social media ads are much like display ads, from the most basic images to videos. It is an efficient paid advertising strategy because businesses can quickly target their audience. To create a winning paid advertising campaign on social media, a PPC Indianapolis agency can be useful.
  6. Remarketing ads. Remarketing ads are a type of paid advertising ads that a business can use to re-engage its audience. While people visit the site and understand its products, they may not opt to make purchases right away. Rather than being a lost opportunity, it is a chance for the business to make use of these ads for audiences to rethink the brand and make a purchase decision.

Businesses that decide to use paid advertising for their marketing methods can take a vital step towards attaining their goals and reaping rewards with the help of a reliable PPC Indianapolis agency.

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