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6 Trusted Materials Used in Fencing Homes

Fencing is a great way to keep your property safe and secure. Before you purchase a fence, it’s important to know what materials are used for your specific type of fencing. While there are multiple fencing materials out there, these six are considered the most trusted and have the longest lifespan.

Fences come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s best to know what material is best for your specific need before making your final decision.


Wood fences can last upwards of 40-50 years and are often considered one of the more expensive options, but also one of the best.

Wood fences provide a natural and attractive look to your home and property. They can be painted or stained to match any color scheme, and you can easily customize them with lights, posts, and other embellishments.

Wood fences are also strong enough to keep intruders out as they cannot simply walk right over it like they may with low-quality options. Wood fences are an excellent material for those who want a durable option that will last years without fading or rotting away.


Vinyl is a durable material that is able to withstand the harsh environment that comes with being near water. It is also non-allergenic, making it perfect for any family with very young children. Vinyl fences are available in many colors, so you can find one that matches your aesthetic preferences. They are also available in different heights, so you can choose the height that works best for your property.


Steel fences are a popular choice for many homeowners. These fences can be made from a variety of materials, including chain link, ornamental metal, and galvanized steel. Steel fences have a long lifespan and can come in a variety of styles.

Steel is one of the most trusted fencing materials because it’s tough, durable, and above all, effective. Steel is also one of the most versatile fence materials because you can choose from chain link or ornamental metal. Chain link is more affordable, but ornamental metal makes for an excellent option as well.

Steel fences may cost more than other fence types, but they last much longer and offer a better value for your money in the end.


Aluminum is one of the most popular types of fencing materials used today. It’s one of the long-lasting materials because it doesn’t rust or corrode like other fencing materials do. Aluminum is also easy to work with and lightweight, making it a popular choice for DIY projects. It can be powder coated, welded, plated, and post-formed to create various designs.

Chain Link

Chain link is one of the most common fencing materials. A chain link is a type of wire mesh that’s made of metal wire strands twisted together to form a series of diamond shapes. This is one of the cheapest materials for fences, and it comes in a variety of heights and colors, which makes it appealing to homeowners.

Chain link fences offer little protection from intruders because they are often not high enough, but they can be good for separating areas within your property. They also don’t need to be touched up with paint or stain because they come pre-coated with zinc or aluminum.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is one of the most trusted materials for fencing. It’s strong, durable, and rust-resistant. However, it does require maintenance to protect against corrosion.

There are a wide variety of materials that can be used in fencing. Before deciding on a material for your fence, consider the durability, appearance, and maintenance level of the material. Click here for more information about shed kits.


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