5 Reasons Why Tata Play Is the Best Entertainment Provider

“From a customer’s perspective, a company is the best if it provides the best products and/or services and correctly fulfils all the consumer needs.”

The same “best” thing applies to entertainment content distribution companies. There are tons of companies offering numerous products and services, but only a few of them can suffice consumers’ needs. Tata Play, formerly known as Tata Sky, has successfully maintained its position as the best DTH service provider in India. It has become the country’s number 1 Pay-TV platform, and now with its rebranding to Tata Play, it plans to go above and beyond with content distribution via OTT services and DTH channels.

Let’s take a quick look at Tata Play’s rebranding and then jump onto why it is regarded as the best entertainment provider.

Tata Play: The Journey of Rebranding

Commenting on the rebranding journey, Anurag Kumar, Chief Communications of Tata Play, said that the new brand identity is simple yet creative. It has been prepared in a way that it will speak to the masses, is instantly relatable, and can scale and adapt to the rapidly changing ecosystem. The new brand will continue running on the core values of the company while also ensuring that it is future proof.

The new brand logo created by Venturethree depicts vibrance and youthfulness while adding distinctiveness to the overall identity. The fresh and bold attitude of the new brand will make entertainment better through digital innovations and simultaneously retain all the quality and warmth of the brand Tata.

5 Reasons Justifying Why Tata Play Is the Best Entertainment Provider

  • Best of the both – DTH and OTT

One of the essential things that make Tata Play the best is the effective handling of its DTH and OTT services. Tata Play offers a variety of combo plans which include both DTH channels and OTT content in one subscription pack. That way, consumers get the best of both worlds on a common platform.

  • Unmatched Customer Service

The 24×7 customer care support in 13 languages make for the unmatched customer service of Tata Play. Also, with the rebranding, customer services have been improved with the no service-fee visits for all customers and no reconnection charges for de-active customers.

  • Relocation Services

Now, you can relocate your Tata Play to a new home or even within the same premises. You just need to call or drop mail requesting relocation, and all the reinstallation will be carried out by Tata Play technicians.

  • Exceptional Tech Features

The next-level tech features integrated into Tata Play’s services take the TV viewing experience to a whole new level. Features of its android set top box, Binge+ STB, such as Google Voice Assistant, Chromecast built-in, HD  superior picture quality, Bluetooth Connectivity and others add to the user experience and simplify things for viewers.

  • One Year Annual Service Commitment (ASC)

ASC is a unique service that Tata Play offers all of its subscribers. Using this service, you can get your set top box or digicomps repaired/serviced after the base ASC period, which is free of cost for 1 year from your activation date, expires.

Closing Thoughts

Apart from the above reasons, there are several others that clearly justify why Tata Play is the best entertainment provider in India. Get your Tata Play DTH connection today and see for yourself.

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