5 Mindfulness Apps to Relax You Anywhere, Anytime

Even a little bit of yoga and meditation can extend your relaxation and rejuvenation routine. Both activities are very good for your body and mind, and are excellent methods to stay fitter and become happier. To assist you in adding these practices to your daily routine, we have handpicked a few of the best mindfulness apps. Take your time and explore away, in the moments when you feel like hopping on down to the neighbourhood yoga studio or attending the upcoming meditation workshop, but can’t due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Browse this little inventory of Android & iOS apps which will allow you to practice yoga and meditation any time you like without leaving the safety and comfort of your home amid these unprecedented times.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer has over 40,000 guided meditations of varying durations and designs in order that you’re able to seek out one that works for you. A majority of its meditations are free. Insight Timer also took inspo from similar app developers in Australia and features talks by neuroscientists, psychologists and teachers from universities like Harvard, Stanford and Oxford.

Besides guided meditations, the app also includes longer courses (spanning days) on everything from the way to meditate to the way to sleep better, and a collection of ‘sleep music’.

The latest version of the Insight Timer app also has a feature called ‘Teams’ which is meant for workforces to meditate together. So, if you would like something not just for yourself but also for your colleagues or employees or leadership executives, Teams could be what you could go for.

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Calm is quite possibly the leading app for better sleep and meditation and includes yoga masterclasses, guided meditations, sleep-inducing stories and deep breathing exercises. The app developer has made sure that you can personalise the varied programs on the app to achieve your personal goals like reducing anxiety, improving job performance, boosting sleep quality, reducing stress or even developing gratitude and gratefulness for your life of privilege.

You’ll choose between quick 3-minute guided meditations to intense 25-minute sessions. Calm’s seven-day courses are designed to deal with subjects like pain and anxiety management. It’s worth pointing out that a number of these high-end programs are only for their ‘premium’ users.

If you would like to sit back and just relax, switch to its collection of ambient music – like sounds of raindrops on leaves or waterfalls.


Headspace aims to simplify meditation in order that anyone can practice it anywhere, anytime. It calls itself a “personal guide to mindfulness” and provides meditations and exercises to scale back stress, improve sleep and increase fitness.

As a testament to the app development process, you’ll get a guided meditation class a day, exercises for better sleep and ambient music to relax. You’ll start your mornings with ‘Wake Up’ that features inspiring stories and quick meditations to recharge you for the day. If you would like something more energetic, try the ‘Move Mode’, which are courses designed to mix mindfulness with mild forms of exercise through short workouts and expertly guided meditations.

Asana Rebel

Exercise. Sleep. Music. Meditation. Asana Rebel does it all for mindfulness seekers. Asana Rebel is however particularly popular for its workout routines, which incorporates everything from yoga to HIIT. The app aims to market fitness through a five-point program: getting into shape, strength training, flexibility, balance and breathing. You’ll personalise your plan as per your own goals after a free preview.

Down Dog

Down Dog is great for a beginner and has enough in it to excite more advanced practitioners as well. If you’re relatively new to yoga, the app features a three-day introduction series covering vinyasa, hatha and restorative yoga. But that’s not all. Down Dog has over 60,000 yoga routines and you’ll choose some time, level, focus, voice and music to make a personalised routine for yourself.

Final Thoughts: Day or night, on your own or with family, light or intense, beginner or advanced, regardless of how you’d wish to do your yoga or meditation, these 5 apps will have something suitable for your needs. Go ahead and find more mindfulness and less stress, today!

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