4 Steps to Brush Your Kitty’s Itty-Bitty Teeth Regularly!

Though your kitty’s teeth aren’t as big as yours except the canines, you must help your fur baby keep them clean through regular brushing. Caring for your munchkin’s teeth is essential so that she can chew and eat comfortably. Any harm done to the tiny teeth may cause bad breath, immense pain, loose teeth, difficulty in eating, red, swollen, or bleeding gums, and a range of other oral and dental issues.

It becomes necessary for you to cleanse your kitty’s teeth often, so she doesn’t have to go through eating troubles or weight loss due to oral and dental complaints. Purchase a cat insurance plan that includes treatment for typical dental concerns like abscesses, gingivitis, tooth removal, cavities, tooth fracture, and more.

Along with buying pet insurance NZ, help your kitty adopt good dental hygiene by brushing her teeth a minimum of three times a week, making her less likely to suffer from dental problems. Stay calm and start this activity ASAP, as it’s never too late to take the right step towards good dental health and wellness.

How to neatly brush your feline family member’s teeth?

Do things to make your munchkin familiar with the brushing affair.

Get your kitty used to you touching her little mouth and having your fingers near it. Your kitty may think, why is my Hooman running his fingers all over my food trap. You need to get her acquainted with this chore, even if she finds it pretty alarming at first. Your kitty companion will eventually come to terms with the entire brushing affair.

Allow your kitty to get acclimated to the cat brushing essentials.

The best thing you can do initially is let your kitty lick the toothpaste off your fingers. Once she accepts the toothpaste, it’s time to introduce the toothbrush. Now, encourage your fur baby to lick the toothpaste off her teensy-weensy toothbrush. Make sure this activity takes place at more or less the same time every day, so she looks forward to it.

Time for the real deal. Start brushing your kitty’s teeth.

Help your kitty to stay seated on a counter or another best spot – her Hooman’s lap. Hug her gently with your forearms so she doesn’t wriggle, and you can access her mouth comfortably. Lift her upper lips and move the brush in a delicate circular motion along the gumline.

Begin with cleaning the front teeth and proceed to the back teeth if you can access them. Finish cleansing the upper teeth and then get to the lower ones. Finally, carefully brush the outer tooth surfaces as your feline pet accumulates little tartar on the inner teeth walls.

As your cat gets used to this procedure, you may try to reach her upper back molars where maximum plaque builds up. Over time, this complete process doesn’t take more than a few minutes, by the end of which your kitty will have pristine teeth ready to get dirty again.

Close the activity by offering your kitty a delectable cat treat.

Brushing sessions may progress effortlessly if your kitty knows there lies a reward at the end of this challenging task. So have enticing activities like petting, cuddling, and playtime in the schedule post brushing sessions. Also, showering zestful praise on your kitty will work wonders once you are done with the chore.

Ask your vet about the dental cleaning routine and make sure you have a close eye on your kitty’s dental condition always. The best pet insurance NZ for cats covers your kitty’s dental care and many other health complaints. Purchase cat insurance so you and your kitty can stay relaxed when adverse dental troubles crop up.


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