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3 Things You Need To Consider When Buying a Mattress

Because the average lifespan of a mattress is nearly a decade, it’s not a purchase you have to consider very often. When you do set out to buy a new mattress, though, that lengthy lifespan means it’s a decision you need to put particular thought into. After all, you’ll sleep on this nearly every night for years to come. You want it to be perfect!

From ensuring you have a comfortable place to sleep to making sure you have enough room for your mattress, there are some critical aspects to consider when choosing a new mattress for your home. By putting in the thought and time to select the right fit, you’ll have better nights’ sleep for years to come. 

1. Size

If you’ve set out to create the most luxurious bedroom possible, you might immediately turn to a king mattress, assuming the larger mattress size will allow the most significant degree of comfort. In many cases, though, you’ll find that a different size mattress would be a better fit, not just for your bedtime routine but for the room it takes place in.

A smaller room size or studio apartment might thrive on a smaller full mattress, which won’t sacrifice the space you’re craving when it’s time for sleep. A full-size mattress is a perfect addition to your guest room or a single sleeper’s bedroom. A larger room might be a better fit for a king or queen-sized bed. With the proper mattress size for your particular room size, your room will be aesthetically pleasing without impacting your sleep quality. 

2. Firmness

In many cases, your preferred sleeping position can dictate what level of firmness your ideal mattress would have. Some back, side, or stomach sleepers will use that logic to dictate what mattress type is best to get them a good night’s sleep. It might even come down to something as simple as personal preference, choosing how deeply you sink into your bed at the end of a long day.

However, mattress shoppers with nagging pains might turn to a matress’ firmness as a particularly crucial factor. Researching whether a firm mattress, soft mattress, or something in between works best for that sort of pain can help relieve their discomfort with a better night’s sleep ahead. 

3. Materials

As you compare different mattress types, another aspect you’ll want to pay attention to is what your potential mattress is made of. A memory foam mattress will have different benefits than one made of latex, for example, and a pillow top will offer a different sort of bedtime entirely.

Whether you choose a full-size mattress or a California king, the material within your bed will offer a wholly different experience, even between options of the same size. Take time to compare different mattress materials and determine which is right for you, whether that’s a memory foam or one with inner springs. 

A number of factors go into choosing the perfect mattress, but the right fit can make or break your good night’s sleep. Compare your options to find the best type of mattress for your needs, paying particular interest to the size, materials, and firmness of each option. If you’ve considered your options and still can’t decide, reach out to the experts at your mattress shop of choice—they can help you find the best material, firmness, and size mattress for you.

Whether you’re a single adult mattress shopping for the first time or you’re browsing with your spouse for your umpteenth bed, putting in the time and effort to find your best match will reward you with better bedtimes for years to come. 

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