25 Happy Years Later, Here’s How I’m Surprising Hubby!

Getting Him a Beer Subscription

My husband and I are looking forward to celebrating our 25th spectacular year of marriage! I can’t wait to give him some unique gifts that he has never gotten before.

The first of these gifts is a beer subscription with some of his favorite ales and lagers. He has been a beer aficionado for as long as I can remember, but not even he has tried them all! The subscription comes with a few types that he has probably never heard of. I’m sure that he will enjoy exploring all of the new flavors!

The subscription sends monthly shipments with extra goodies for the more serious beer enthusiasts. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, and it will amplify his love for delicious beverages. I also bought him a brewing kit so that he can make his own creations!

A New Tacklebox

My husband absolutely adores fishing. Sometimes, we’ll go together if I’m in the right mood and there aren’t too many mosquitoes out! The last time we went on a fishing trip, he was distraught that he had lost a good number of lures—every fisher loses their equipment here and there, but for some reason, he had lost more than usual.

So, I’m getting him a pack of fresh lures that will make a fine addition to his equipment collections. Speaking of which, I’m also buying him a new tackle box! He has had his current one for so many years, and it is extremely worn. This new tackle box will be bigger and better, and he won’t have to worry about losing his lures as frequently. He’ll be so happy!

A Golf Lesson with a Pro

Besides fishing, my husband enjoys relaxing rounds of golf with his friends. He especially enjoys golfing after long days at work. Sometimes, he gets frustrated with his score, but he hasn’t done anything to improve.

This year, I’m going to hire a professional to give him a few private lessons. He’ll be shocked that I went to this length to improve his game, and I hope that he’ll learn some tricks to tackle those tough courses and long shots!

Personalized Puzzle with Our Favorite Picture

Over the last 25 years, one of our rainy-day staples has been to complete a jigsaw puzzle. It’s time to spice things up this anniversary and buy him a customized puzzle shaped like a heart. It’ll also show a picture of us!

I’m already excited to work on it, and I’m sure that he will be, too. I’m still deciding on which picture of us is best, and I’m also finding out which are his favorite. It’s such a fun process!

A Male Facelift to Look a Decade Younger

I’ve also scheduled a male facelift consultation for my husband. He has been talking about undergoing a cosmetic procedure for a while, so I decided to take the leap for him! Time is relentless, but this nip-and-tuck will help him turn back the clock. I can’t wait to see his dashing-good looks again. He’ll feel more excited than ever when he looks in the mirror!

It’s clear, after 25 years of marriage, that we aren’t getting younger, but a facelift seems to be the perfect remedy for his wrinkles and lines. I’m even going to get one myself so that we can both look and feel much more youthful and refreshed. I can’t wait!

New Minerals to Add to His Collection

For the last few years, my husband has been a bit of a hobby geologist. He has collected all kinds of minerals, many of which are shiny and beautiful. I figured that I should get him a few more, so I splurged and bought him some expensive ones. I know that these new minerals will look great in his collection!

Speaking of gems and precious metals, I’ve also decided to get our rings polished so that they can sparkle for decades to come. What a wonderful anniversary surprise!

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