10 Famous Actors Who Love Gambling

Casinos have been playgrounds for the rich since their very beginning. The first one in history, the Casino di Venezia was part of the luxurious Theatre Saint Moses. Nowadays, Hollywood celebrities are spotted at the most luxurious casinos around. 

Meet the 10 actors that love gambling the most. Also, stay tuned to hear from our guest specialist, Michelle Thomas, to learn about the casino world. 


Gambling is prevalent among movie stars. Some of them are even said to gamble online on platforms like Bob Casino Canada between recording sessions. Indeed, every smartphone owner can play the highest payout online casinos at any time. Still, it’s in brick-and-mortar, classic casinos that some movie stars are in for another show. 

Slot machines, poker, blackjack, and roulette; while some high rollers instead focus on a specific game, others prefer to enjoy everything the venue has to offer. Anyway, here are 10 of the most active gamblers of the movie industry.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is a multi-faceted star. He’s one of the best-paid actors in Hollywood, but he directs, writes, and occasionally plays poker. Indeed, he can play in poker competitions for both amateurs and professionals. He’s also said to have amassed over 1 million dollars in the past years in poker earnings.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is another top-notch Hollywood actor that loves the casino grounds. He’s a close friend to Ben Affleck and can often be seen with him at some very exclusive tables. The actor says he’s always been into card games. Still, starring in the movie Rounders has spiked his interest. While preparing for the movie, Damon took poker lessons and he hasn’t stopped playing since. 

Tobey Maguire

When he’s not saving civilians as Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire is also a poker enthusiast. In fact, he has practiced the game consistently since he was a teenager. The actor also played in countless Hollywood stars’ private tables. He also lost a considerable sum to Ben Affleck in 2004. Regardless, he’s a successful Texas Hold ’em player.

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly isn’t only talented on stage and screen. She’s also a semi-professional poker player with a few accomplishments on her belt. Prizes include the gold bracelet from the World Series of Poker and first place on a Ladies No-Limit Hold ’em tournament. 

George Clooney

George Clooney played with Brad Pitt in Ocean’s Eleven. They’ve also played together at many other tables with other Hollywood stars. Since his childhood, the actor has been a poker enthusiast. Clooney is an active figure in organizing exclusive poker tables for Hollywood actors. In this effort, he collaborated with Tobey Maguire. Those private tables inspired the movie Molly’s Game. 

Brad Pitt

Like Matt Damon, Brad Pitt took a massive boost from one of his characters. In this case, the inspiration was Rusty Ryan from Ocean’s Eleven. During the preparation for the movie, the actor got to play slot machines, poker, and blackjack. Yet, he doesn’t play professionally, as his colleagues above. Anyway, Brad Pitt has been seen in several casinos worldwide.

Paris Hilton

The Hollywood celebrity and socialite is also an avid poker player. Rumours account that she also plays anonymously in online casinos and poker sites. Once, she won $30,000 in one night in Vegas. 

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is an actress that has gained popularity for both her acting skills as well as her scandals. Among her many extracurricular activities, the star enjoys her time at casinos, with poker being her favourite game. She is also the ex-wife of the famous poker player, Rick Salomon. There’s no doubt that she also picked up several handy tips from him.

Matthew Perry

The famous actor from Friends is also a poker enthusiast. He’s often seen in Las Vegas, at the Bellagio Casino, where he’s a VIP guest. Once, Matthew participated in a TV show called Celebrity Poker Showdown. Despite his fame, Matthew prefers to play in private rooms, away from the public. 

Charlie Sheen

It’s hard to keep track of all Charlie Sheen’s scandals. His ex-wife, Denise Richards, reported that he’s addicted to gambling. As evidence, she quoted when he was driving her to the hospital to deliver their child, he stopped to place a bet. 


Card games seem to attract celebrities more than anything else in casinos. Indeed, card games usually offer the best odds for expert players. So, games like poker and blackjack are popular options among high rollers. If you want to stumble upon Hollywood stars in the halls, then get ready for some expensive venues. 

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