Why you need to Invest in Quality Steel Doors

How good can it be when you know your security and budget are attained at a one go and according to your plans? It’s a great and a good feeling. Steel doors when it comes to budget in your process of purchasing one, are an economical choice. Steel doors can either be made of steel edges or wood edges.

In this article, I will give more emphasis on the things that will make you love and hate steel doors.

Things That Will Make You Love and Hate Steel Doors

Steel doors are not necessarily made from solid steel but are either comprised of polystyrene or polyurethane with a steel skin over its top. The skin If the door is made between 16–24 gauge of steel. If these doors are made from solid steel, the door could be extra heavy and most likely the door hinges will tear.

You can know a steel door because it is magnetic.

Below are some of the reasons why you are likely to love and hate steel doors.

They have a high thermal conductivity

Steel doors provide good insulation and are cost-effective. According to the outside weather and temperature, these steel doors can be either cold or hot to the touch.


Steel doors have strong and difficult to damage outer shells. Break-in attempts through these steel doors become hard because of their strong outer shell and their impervious steel skin.

Steel doors offer security over much traditional plastic or wooded doors which are rather easy to wreck and breakthrough.


Most of these steel doors are fire-rated. For example, a 20–gauge skin steel door is declared to have a fire rating of about 20 minutes.

Because not all steel doors are fire rated, steel doors users are advised to review the fire rating stickers on the door and not just assume because they own a steel door that it must be fire rated.

Their weight

Because of their heavy weight, installing these steel doors is tedious though attainable.


Although steel is a durable material, steel doors can dent easily and also are not easy to fix after dents. This shortens their lifespan. Also, the outer shell of these doors does not allow smoothing, and in the event of dents and scratches, these steel doors do not allow filling with wood putty.

Have a good appearance

Steel doors for sale in Kenya are usually ready for painting, have a primer texture, and they are also available in other varieties of powdered coated colored finishes.  This makes it easier for the user to match the door with any other color of the building the door is being installed.

Steel doors can also be made with wood finishes, decorative trims and have patterns on them. These makings make the door more pleasing to the eye. Steel doors are most of the time found in commercial buildings.


Overall, steel doors offer many benefits over other traditional plastic or wooden doors. Steel doors are much stronger and a lot more secure. Also, with their modernization, they look good in homes.

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