What were the largest individual lottery payouts in history?

Have you ever wondered just who was lucky enough to win the biggest jackpots ever? Well, there have been quite a few huge jackpots over the years, but many of those were split between multiple winners. So, we’ll take a look at some of the winners who got the biggest jackpots without having to split them (or even after they split them).

Mega Millions

It may come as no surprise that the top two jackpots for individuals were actually won with a Mega Millions ticket. The largest jackpot ever won was $1.537 billion, which came out to a cash value of $877.8 million. It was also won by only one ticket. So this prize was never split.

The second place ticket was another Mega Millions and this one was actually sold quite recently. Not only that but it was for a jackpot of $1.050 billion and it too was bought by a single person and was never split. The cash value came out to $776.6 million.


The United States has all of the top prizes, with the next several coming in via the Powerball jackpot. This one had a ticket sold that won the $731.1 million prize, giving a cash value to one ticket holder of $546.80.

Next on the list was a ticket that was worth $758.7 million, however, this ticket actually came out with a cash value lower than the previous, at only $480.5 million. This is likely because of the additional taxes from the state.

Another Powerball ticket, worth $768.4 million, came out with a cash value of only $477 million. This too was won by only a single person and likely also had higher taxes taken out than some of the previous, lower jackpot amounts.

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The top winners

Within the top 10 tickets sold there have been 6 that were Powerball tickets. The rest have been Mega Millions tickets. Even more, all of those top 10 tickets were for jackpot prizes that were valued near or above $500 million. And those tickets all gave their winners well over $300 million on each ticket. That means there’s always a chance for a huge prize and a whole lot of great value by buying a lottery ticket.

For those who are wondering, the largest jackpot ever won at all was on the Powerball lottery and the jackpot was $1.586.4 billion. However the cash prize of $983.5 million was ultimately split among 3 tickets and so each ticket was worth $327.8 million (with those tickets further divided amongst groups who had bought the tickets together).

If you’re interested in becoming one of those top lottery winners you’ll want to take a look at the ticket options that are out there. In fact, you might even be surprised at all of the different types of games you could play. While you won’t have as good of a chance at such large prizes if you play games outside of the US, you will still get a chance at something great.

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