What signs can clue you to addiction?

Addiction is the act of taking part in an activity as a compulsion even disregarding any adverse effects. Addiction can be used to describe different actions people use on compulsion but the most common use of the word refers to the act of substance abuse. These can be illicit substances that are propagated illegally or they can be socially acceptable drugs that are abused, some examples here might be Alcohol and tobacco products. These socially acceptable drugs are no less dangerous than their illegal counterparts. Addiction is quickly rising and it is projected to rise even more quickly if no decisive action is taken to counter this rise. We need to change the way we approach drugs so that we can consider the damage that having drugs is a common part of daily lives.

Addicts can become a danger to not only to themselves but to others around them. They can hurt themselves or others in acts of violence, or accidents while driving under influence. Not considering the constant damage that they inflict on their body by doing drugs frequently, they also harm their body by using syringes and other methods of drug use. Swapping used syringes often causes the addicts to contract HIV. Snorting or inhaling drugs can severely damage the nose. Moreover, even holding drugs on your person can be enough to ruin your life. Throughout the country having drugs on your person is enough to get severe legal action taken against you and end up in prison which severely dampens your future prospects. So it is imperative to get yourself or your loved one who is struggling with addiction to attend a rehab program so they can avoid the dangers that come along with addiction. Look up online to find a rehab clinic near you i.e. drug rehab orange county since it can be most convenient.

It is very important to find the signs that can clue you to addiction. One of the major signs is that the general attitude of the addict changes. They often turn away from their daily activities like their hobbies and jobs. To an addict, nothing matters more than their next dose. They act with the sole aim of getting their nest fixed and this can mean that they can end up hurting themselves or those around them. An addict’s brain gets changed as they do drugs and this is one of the main reasons why addiction is so hard to leave.  Some drugs like alcohol etc can end up changing the reward system in the addict’s brain. This reward system is governed by the release of dopamine by the brain whenever a person achieves something that matters to them. In the case of an addict, this release of dopamine happens along with drug use so this means that an addict feels the same way an athlete does when they win or break a record or how a student feels when they achieve good results. This is the reason behind addiction is so dangerous.

Addiction can also be a costly affair so an increase in spending with no apparent reason can be a sign of addiction. Addicts often spend the money they have on drugs and if they end up spending all of it they often turn to money that is kept in the house this includes the money that belongs to others. After this ends they can turn to selling stuff from their home to fuel their addiction.

Addicts often turn away from hygiene and their general appearance. Moreover, they can often put up boundaries and start to keep their actions, whereabouts, and friends private from the rest of their family.

Knowing if someone is struggling with addiction and quickly acting can mean the difference for their rehabilitation or life long addiction.

An online IOP can be solution to help an addict find recovery. Traditional IOP can be and are effective, however a benefit of doing virtual IOP is that you can continue with other responsibilties you may. One other benefit is that it is safe, especially in the times we live now where social distancing has become a normal thing.

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