What is the present status of Matka gambling?

Matka gambling is also pronounced or you can say well known as “Satta”. Nowadays, the Milan day chart gives people the best results. It is also known as the King of a lottery game, which is based on random number selection and as well as on betting. 

As we all know, gambling is an illegal thing in India, but there is an exception for lotteries and also for horse racing. There is no probability that Matka results will always be good. It depends on players’ playing techniques & on their luck. When it comes to Matka gambling, the most common form of Matka games in the country is the Milan day chart

What is meant by Matka gambling?

After India’s independence in the 1950s, this Matka gambling or the full-fledged lottery game was started. 

The old system was formatted or reformed nowadays, with many modern as well as ways of generating random numbers. In the past, this gaming was processed by or played by pulling the slips from a large earthenware pot which is mainly known as a matka, from which this game is known as Matka gambling. But in current days, the playing process is also dealing with playing cards.

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Is playing Matka gambling is legal or illegal? 

It depends on the country or that country’s state rule & law where you live. Matka gambling or any betting is completely illegal in the country of India. But still, there are a huge number of offline and online Matka gambling agents who run this profitable business & even it is also a multi-crore business in the country.

The Indian government has become very unsuccessful in suppressing the Matka business. Some states, like Goa (a city of India), have legalized casinos. The public gambling act of 1867, also known as a central law, forbade running or being in charge of a public gambling house. 

The state of India Gujarat is known to be the origin of the Matka gambling business. This state earns near about Rs- 750 crores daily through this Matka gambling. Matka’s results of players always became best in this state.  

Does Demonetization affect Matka’s gambling business?

As per many surveys, we can get to know that due to demonetization many difficulties are arising in gambling for obtaining lower currency. As we all know, nowadays, most of the gambling is becoming online; maybe that is why the online Matka operators lose a huge monthly turnover of hundreds of crores across the whole country. Due to the very low profit, they have also been forced to shut down their business in just one week of demonetization. 

In the year 1977, the last time when the Matka gambling was smashed was during the emergency. But after some days, when the cash liquidity is back in the market, then again, the most profitable Matka gambling business begins to rise. 

Is Matka gambling profitable? 

In Matka gambling, there are several chances of betting and winning cash from different games, which are available on their online and offline platforms. 

Not just in India, around the whole world, millions of gambling players in current time are participating in betting on different Matka games to earn a good amount of cash. 

Wrapping up 

There is no doubt that Matka gambling is a profit-making platform. But players should always keep one thing in this game varies from player to player. 

Winning in this game needs a lot of experience & as well as luck. But the most important thing is to understand gaming ways and after getting some experience & knowing the rules is vital and only after that people start betting with a low amount. Otherwise, there is a chance to lose the gambling. 

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