What is Harassment by Phone?

Harassment by phone has been around ever since phones came into our lives. In the early days, it started as crank calls, refusal to identify oneself as a caller, incessant calling, heavy breathing, and uncomfortable silence. It has since evolved into many forms such as sending malicious texts and comments sent as private messages or posts in chat rooms and on social media, cyberstalking, and revenge porn.

Phone harassment is a greater evil than physical bullying because people underestimate its impact while bullies hide behind the anonymity of the internet, wreaking havoc. If you want to learn how to deal with phone harassment, keep reading. We’ll explain what it is, how to recognize it, and how to deal with it.

What is Harassment by Phone?

The term “Harassment by Phone” refers to any sort of bullying over the phone.  In recent times, phone bullying is most commonly carried out on the internet via social media platforms and also offline carriage services. As long as there are phones, harassment by phones will be likely to happen.

Forms of Harassment by Phone

There are many ways in which harassment by phone can occur, and knowing them could help prevent them from happening. Some of the forms by which phone harassment presents itself include the following:

  • Sending unsolicited pornography to the victim
  • Sending hate messages and threats to someone
  • Using the identity of someone else to harass others

Effects of Harassment by Phone on the Victims

Many who have fallen victim to harassment by phone have slid into depression, started to self-harm, developed eating disorders, and even went as far as attempting suicide. To reduce the number of people who may fall victim to phone harassment, it is crucial to take necessary steps to protect the victims and make the perpetrators accountable. Do you suspect that your child or loved one is being harassed over the phone? Make an effort to establish a communication link to enable you to connect with them and understand the severity of the situation. Here are some steps you can take to protect them from getting harassed any further.

Block and Report the Harassers

Most harassment by phone happens through social media. Social platforms allow you to block and report certain individuals. Encourage the victims to make use of these tools to stop the harassers.

Gather Evidence

Before you block and report the offender, take screenshots of your conversations, print copies, and make sure you have enough evidence to support your claims.

Seek Legal Help

Sometimes, the extent of the harassment and the effects it had on the victim might be more extreme.  Blocking and reporting the bullies might be too soft. In cases like this, seek legal help from Riviere Law to know the proper steps to take.

Take them for Therapy

Victims who have suffered long-term phone harassment might be suffering from psychological trauma. Show them love and help them understand their need to see a therapist. Be proactive and book a session with one.

Stopping The Bully

Harassment by phone is as severe as physical harassment, perhaps even more so. Make sure you don’t ignore any signs of it you notice around you!

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