Things to do in Wanaka, New Zealand.

The town of Wanaka in New Zealand is a picturesque place with beautiful mountains, lakes and other natural attractions. This charming town, an hour away from Queenstown, is a must-visit for anyone exploring New Zealand. The perfect choice for holidaying, Wanaka is a haven for those who love the outdoors. Get in touch with any Wanaka holiday rentals to book a place to stay and start exploring. Let us take a look at all the things one can do while there.

  • Hiking and Mountain climbing

Wanaka is perfect for people who love outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing. There are many mountains like Mount Iron, Roys Peak, Mount Grand, Pisa Range which are popular attractions. Summer is the best time to go up the trail. Start early so as not to get caught in the midday heat. Bring enough water and other essentials. For anyone looking for a kid’s friendly climb, Mount Iron is a good choice. Though not as easy as Mount Iron, Roy’s Peak Track is also another extremely popular hike because of the view of Lake Wanaka at the top. The view from the summit on top of all the mountains is spectacular and is worth the climb. Pack some food and enjoy a picnic with friends and family surrounded by the beautiful view.

Mount Aspiring National Park also is a good place for a hike. Check out the two most popular trails in the park- Raspberry Creek and Rob Roy Glacier Track to get a glimpse of glaciers and waterfalls.

  • Visit Lake Wanaka

It is the fourth largest lake in New Zealand and is the seat of Wanaka. Many movies like The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit feature the beautiful lake with the surrounding regions. Spend an evening taking a walk along the scenic lake. Or go for a leisurely swim in Roy’s Bay, one of the popular spots for swimming. Make sure to visit the famous “That Wanaka Tree”. It is a willow tree growing inside the lake. It is considered to be the most famous tree in the country and is a popular tourist attraction.

  • Skiing

For people planning on staying in Wanaka during the winter, skiing is a must. The ski season starts from June and ends in October, so book a place to stay in the winter through any Wanaka holiday rentals and then explore the skiing opportunities around. With many commercial and private ski resorts, the town is a haven for any ski lover. Snowboarding is also another activity that is sought after by tourists.Read more about sattamataka143

  • Skydiving

Skydiving in Wanaka is a breathtaking experience that everyone who visits should try. It is a great way to take in the beauty of Wanaka. Getting to see the beautiful mountains, lakes and glaciers on the way down is reason enough to sign up for a skydiving trip. click here pagalmovies

  • Visit Lavender Farm

Take some time off from all the adventure activities to visit the Wanaka Lavender Farm. The farm, spread across twenty acres, is filled with beautiful lavender fields and gardens. Spend some quiet time walking among the flowers taking in their beauty. People who love animals can meet the farm animals there and enjoy time with them. Make sure to enjoy a cup of tea with lavender ice cream and other goodies made with local ingredients offered on the farm. Read more about f95zone

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