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The Seven Benefits of Stained Floors

Practicality is a top priority for many homeowners.

When it is time for flooring repair, and maintenance stained residential stained concrete floors are their top choice. Even with more innovative flooring applications surfaced in the market today, staining remains the easy-got-to pick.

Do stained concrete floors add value to your home?

One of the most asked questions with stained concrete is, does it add value to homes? There may be a reduced possibility of reselling a residential property if it does not showcase an over-the-top feature.

Doing stained concrete is practical. You won’t need complicated processes to enhance form and function in a single application.

Benefits of staining concrete

Here are more good things about stained concrete. Seven, you should know.

3 Aesthetic Advantages

Do not undermine what staining can reveal to your floors. Get a closer look at staining; here are some good deals you get with appealing aesthetics.

1- Simply stunning appeal

Stained concrete may not use that much-complicated decor, but it sure has pleasing aesthetics. The pigments being used give a warm and earthy tone to the plain grey concrete slabs, and it rather enhances the natural look of the cement more than coloring it.

2- Dreamy design effect

The dreamy effect or a pristine-looking floor is due to the translucent result of staining. Compared to coloring, the stained method makes the pigments seep inside the pores of the cement material.

It will not only cover the surface but will also fill the pores. That is what makes the colors look cloudy and hazy, and it results in floors that seem to float on the surface.

3- Timeless and Elegant

The flooring material will usually look grey, plain, and dull. But you can add a vintage feel to your properties by staining the concrete. Instead of digging out old creased concrete floors, staining is a good alternative to repolish or redesign the flooring.

This method will suit those antique homes what historical values. You can also opt to use this flooring application on hotels or traditional inns you manage for a business.

4 Functional Favors from Stained Concrete floorings

The best part of concrete staining is its easy-to-achieve functions. While the process takes easy steps, the flooring goes up a notch with benefits that improves the floors’ functions.

1- Low Maintenace

The floors become easy to maintain, thanks to the stain. It is not the ugly stain, though. The staining pigment that is carried by either water or acid makes the slabs dense and well bonded. Making the pores on the surface disappear when tiny gaps or creases on the concrete, dirt may quickly get in, making the material hard to clean—no need to pour new concrete. You can easily avoid d dirtying the floor with this type of decorative finishing.

2- Polished Look

Have you ever wasted money and energy trying to polish a floor? You would save yourself from this type of trouble when you finish your concrete with staining. It keeps the floors seamless and even looks. The application also makes the surface repel common causes of first of bad stains on the floor.

3- Lasting Concrete Color

The loof of floors makes it hard for others to choose the suitable material and finishing. What decor can you give a surface that is made for walking? Often no one would bother to give detail and attention to the floorings. A plain gray slab is enough until it looks out of the palace to the whole interior setup. A simple change in tone or color makes a difference by using staining.

4- Cost Saving

Floors are the home’s foundation, and you do not want them to get damaged easily. Or if the unnecessary happens repairs should not stop what the household for doing its business. Staining is quick to apply, and it only cost around $3 to $7. If you need polished to your home then you can go here polished concrete. 

Is it Worth to Stain?

It’s a good steal with stained concrete when you compare the cost of stained concrete to its advantages. Furthermore, it would not hurt to call on a professional contractor who knows the ins and outs of building stunning floors.

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