Shades Of Delight: 10 Colorful Plants To Grow In Your Garden

Your garden is most likely one of your favorite features of your home. It provides pleasure just by simply seeing the entire scenery. The aroma of various flowers, as well as their beauty and charm, provide you with a different level of delight and relaxation.

You may already be charmed by the beauty of your scenery, but did you know that adding brilliant and colorful flowers can take it to the next level? These are some of the garden plants that are noted for their vibrant, colorful blossoms.

Lobelia Erinus

Lobelia erinus is a low-maintenance annual herb that thrives in cooler climates, making it suitable for your outdoor landscape. With its lovely flowers that feature a wide range of colors such as pink and blue, lobelia is a massive asset to any garden.

Annual lobelia can be found in most gardens as it provides a unique shade. When planting, its seeds can be sown directly. Once grown, it won’t need your daily maintenance. Lobelia likes full sun but will take partial shade in some cases. Visit for more information on how to grow them.


Violas are known for their vibrant colors such as purple, white, yellow, and lilac that are perfect to beautify your landscape. They are mostly compact-size, making them perfect for container gardening. Violas are also frost-tolerant. They will continue to bloom even in cold temperatures.

In certain climates, Violas should only be cultivated in partial shade. They can thrive in moist and well-drained soil. When the first blossoms appear, fertilize them moderately for healthier blossoms.


Also known as Solenostemon scutellarioides, coleus plants colorful foliage and variegation patterns. You will be surely delighted with its brilliant hues ranging from yellow to orange, making them ideal for your outdoor landscape. This plant is one of the most simple plants to cultivate and reproduce. Its brightly colored leaves can reach a height of 10 to 15 inches with beautiful summer flowers.

Coleus, especially the freshly planted ones, require constant moisture. Throughout their active growth in the summer and spring months, you can add a half-liquid fertilizer. However, adding fertilizer is not really necessary.

Jolt Pink Dianthus

Dianthus features brightly colored flowers that will complete your whole garden’s aesthetics. The plant is widely known for its pleasant fragrance and its long-lasting bright pink flowers with fringed petals. Dianthus is also a heat-resistant plant. Thus, you won’t have any trouble placing them under the heat of the sun.


Without a doubt, sunflowers are the most common flowers in any landscape. Homeowners are often charmed with its brightly yellow-colored flowers that can enhance the beauty of your garden. Sunflowers serve as your happy pill every morning. Most sunflowers can grow up to 10 feet tall. Aside from its pleasing color, you will also get to enjoy its delectable seeds.

Blanket Flower

The blanket flower is also known as Gaillardia grandiflora, which is known for its brilliant combination of colors, including orange, yellow, and red. It features daisy-like flowers and can attract butterflies, making your landscape ideal for picnics. Blanket flowers can thrive in periods of extreme drought. They require relatively little additional watering in landscapes, making them perfect for drought-tolerant gardening.


For a perfect summer feel, include Hibiscus in your landscape. Most Hibiscus varieties feature a brilliant combination of orange, red, and neon pink colors. Water hibiscus adequately to keep the soil equally moist. Although fertilizer isn’t required for this type of plant, it will stimulate rapid growth and flowering.


Tulips will surely add an extra vibe to your landscape, especially if you combine different colors in a specific area. Tulips come in various colors, making them an excellent choice for adding flavor to your landscape.

You can effortlessly grow them in your garden. Simply choose a sunny location with sufficient drainage. They don’t grow well in shades. Thus, make sure that you properly prepare the soil before cultivating some.

Blackbeard Penstemon

If you wish to attract hummingbirds to your landscape, plant some blackbeard penstemon. This plant is heat and cold-tolerant. Thus, it won’t require your day-to-day maintenance. Blackbeard penstemon can grow for up to 34 in. tall and 2 feet wide and blooms alluring lilac flowers.

Mock Orange

Mock orange is known for its sweet fragrance and its yellow flowers that feature a yellow center, an ideal shade for your landscape. Lamium thrives on moist and well-drained soil. Also, make sure that they are exposed to a partial shade from the sun. To accommodate all of the roots, dig a deep hole when planting.

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Brilliant, alluring flowers are the assets of your garden. If you prefer to create a landscape full of shades, consider the garden plants mentioned above. Opt for lobelia erinus if you wish to complete your landscape with pink and blue hues. Or, consider planting some mock oranges for a colorful garden filled with a sweet aroma.

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