Quinoa’s beauty benefits are numerous.

There’s a reason NativaSPA’s range of products for the whole body is powered by quinoa. It’s a nutrient that has properties that can take skincare to the next step… Beginning at Omegas. Quinoa is abundant in omega-3, 6, and -9, the healthy fats that aid in helping our body build and maintain itself healthy. The body produces omega-9 by itself. However, applying quinoa oil on the face helps to replenish the supply of omega-3 and 6 in one application. Omegas are known to promote healthy skin and aid in reducing the healing of wounds and inflammation, and quinoa oil contains 30 times more than coconut oil, four times more than avocado oil in addition to 2x higher than almond oil.

Quinoa oil is high in the healthy fats that our skin needs. It also offers important antioxidant protection. It is a great refresher. antioxidants aid in helping our skin fight free radicals which can cause wrinkles, skin damage, and inflammation. This golden oil contains high levels of polyphenols (micronutrients proven to protect our skin from sun damage) and carotenoids (” powerful antioxidant substances”), and tocopherols such as vitamin E. These protect the skin from the sun as well as free radicals, even though you can always stay inside and bet on In comparison to other grains, quinoa oil is the best source of antioxidants and can transform the appearance of our skin.

Transform your skin.

If quinoa oil is beginning to sound like gold liquid then you’re probably getting the idea. How does our skin react to it? Because of its numerous benefits, quinoa moisturizes our skin and leaves it looking smoother and firmer. It helps strengthen the skin’s barrier and locks in the hydration to produce effects that last for a very long duration. Quinoa oil can be in the occlusive category and this means that it prevents the loss of transepidermal water, which occurs when the skin loses water.

Many benefits to reap. However, getting the most benefit from this ingredient is based on the quality of the product, since there are many different quinoa oils that aren’t the same. NativaSPA utilizes an exclusive process that is patent-pending and lets the quinoa oil be 100% pure extraction from grain, unlike other brands that employ chemicals (often hazardous) to extract the oil. The process they use not only protects the characteristics of quinoa oils but also assures higher levels of it. There’s quinoa extract and then there’s NativaSPA Quinoa oil. For all-body health, you should always opt for the second.

Whole-body care.

In the midst of flimsy beauty trends and unattainable expectations, It’s difficult to remember that real beauty begins within. However, a routine using NativaSPA Quinoa’s Firming body lotion as well as Oil will help us to remember the importance of a holistic approach to the whole existence. Instead of rubbing lotion on the parts of our bodies that the world will observe (guilty as accused), It’s time to read from the Brazilian beauty manual by taking your time by embracing our body as well as generously rubbing quinoa oil from the head the toes.

If whole-body health looks like this –slow, attentive, and self-loving– the world of beauty changes. It’s not just focused on what’s visible but something far more important the natural world, our own physical body and earth surrounding us. In addition, NativaSPA affirms the latter with products that are cruelty-free, vegan, and created using sustainable practices from start to finish. Quinoa can be the basic ingredient to unlocking a new age of beauty and skincare. What can you do?

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