Online MBA- The perfect option for working professionals

An MBA is not easy. It requires a lot of dedication and discipline on one’s part. And not everyone has the time or resources available to pursue a full-time MBA program.

Take working people who want to do an MBA but don’t want to quit their existing job. How can these people fulfil their dreams?

The answer is Online MBA.

What is an Online MBA?

An Online MBA is an MBA which you can pursue even while working simultaneously. The course is structured in a way that allows you to complete modules in your own time, and there is usually not any fixed duration to the course.

In other words, you get all the flexibility without compromising on quality.

Who Should Opt for an Online MBA?

Working professionals who don’t get the time to go for a full-time MBA and people who would like more flexibility and freedom over the duration of the MBA should opt for Online MBA

Scope and Job Opportunities after Online MBA

The scope and career opportunities available after an Online MBA is exactly the same as that of a traditional MBA. MBA grads are held in high regard throughout the world so you will have no problem in finding a job you like.

In fact, completing an Online MBA shows you have the ability to multitask and perform well even with a lot of things on your plate.

The exact job profiles you can go for depend on your specialisation, however here are some common ones-

  • Marketing Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Digital marketing Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Product Manager

Skills an Online MBA Teaches You

The technical skills an Online MBA will teach you will depend on your specialisation, however there are other soft skills and managerial skills an Online MBA will help you pick up which will be very useful throughout your career.

Here are some such skills-

  • Time management
  • Leadership skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Communication skills
  • Being a team player

Top Colleges for an Online MBA

Even though an Online MBA won’t require you to attend in-person classes or go to campus everyday, it’s still important that you pick a college which understands the needs of students nowadays and provides a good learning environment.

Here are some colleges you can join for Online MBA-

Jain University Bangalore

Jain University, in partnership with Sunstone Eduversity offers 0 upfront fee Online MBA with a 25% assured salary hike. This Online MBA program also encompasses celebrity masterclasses, resume support, mentorship from industry experts and much more. With 400+ empanelled recruiters, you will surely bag your dream job here.

NMIMS Mumbai

This famous management institute also offers Online MBA. With such a strong reputation in the industry, pursuing an MBA from here will surely open new doors for you. The faculty, curriculum and placements are all top notch at NMIMS and you will definitely come out a better management professional at the end of your degree.


Having a reputation for distance learning programs, the Indira Gandhi National Open University, situated in the heart of the national capital caters to management students in the form of Online MBA as well.

The course modules here are world class with the best in class faculty available around the clock to clear all your doubts and queries.


Online MBA is a definite alternative to a full time MBA especially for busy people such as working professionals. There are numerous advantages as you save time on travelling and accommodation. An Online MBA is also much more affordable than a full time MBA.

You should consider all these factors before arriving at a decision.

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