Nine Reasons Brighton-Le-Sands Is the Best Place to Live

Brighton-Le-Sands ranks among the most scenic locations on Sydney’s southern beaches. The vibrant atmosphere, gorgeous suburbs, sandy beaches, warm nights and sunny days are a few perks you’ll enjoy living here.

Brighton-Le-Sands rests along the shores of Botany anonig Bay, boasting a calm bay and white sand beaches. As Sydney’s little Greece, the area is popular among people with Greek Heritage.

This heritage is evident from the moment you enter Brighton Le Sands, with the sculpture of Spyros Louis, the first person to win the Olympic marathon in 1896, standing tall.

Brighton-Le-Sands has so much to offer, as you’ll discover reading the top 9 Reasons it’s the best place to live.

1. Kyeemagh Beach

Kyeemagh beach stretches along Botany Bay, on the western side down to Dolls Point. The beach is perfect for family fun due to the gentle slope where kids can enjoy beach games. The sea water is also often calm since the dunes provide shelter to the area.

You’ll also have unhindered views of aeroplanes landing and taking off at Sydney airport nearby.

2. Dolls Point Suburb

Dolls Point beach is famous for having the whitest sand in Sydney. It covers the area between the river mouth, Towra Point and Peter Depena Reserve on the opposite side.

Most families look to settle in Dolls Point, mainly due to the gorgeous beach and numerous beach activities such as kite surfing, sailing and fishing. It’s close to all necessary  tinyzonetv amenities yet far enough to give you the feel of a little slice of paradise.

3. Sandringham Suburb

Sandringham Suburb boasts panoramic views of endless, clear water and wide-open parks and spaces.

There’s no other place in Sydney where you’ll find the perfect blend of the country-village vibe in a bayside suburb.

4. Thriving Economy

Brighton-Le-Sands is an excellent location in the Bayside Local Government Area. It’s in the perfect position on Botany Bay, with easy access to Cook Park, Sydney Airport, and Lady Robinsons Beach.

5. Grab your Fishing Line and Catch Your Dinner

Brighton Le Sands is ideal for beach fishing, where you can catch various fish such as snapper, flathead, blackfish and trevally.

The best spots are close to the Cooks River north and Dolls Point at the southern end of the beach.

6. Family-oriented Community

The community in Brighton is family-oriented, making it the best place to live in Australia. Plenty of activities keep your little ones engaged in the parks and beaches.

On weekends, you can explore various playgrounds next to Cook Park, such as Peter Depena Reserve at Dolls Point, Riverside Drive Playground, and Pine Park Playground in Ramsgate.

7.  Quality Education

The Brighton Le Sands community focuses on creating the best family environment. The outstanding education quality is available in top-notch schools such as Rockdale Public School, St George Girls’ High School and Kogarah Public School.

8. Housing Availability

Half the suburb consists of modern homes and gorgeous beachfront mansions. You’ll also find some townhouses, villas and apartments to ensure an accommodation that fits everyone’s style and budget.

9. Exceptional Dining Experience

Le Sands Restaurant on the waterfront features delicious seafood straight from the sea. Novotel’s Bay garden Restaurant also offers a seafood buffet, while Atlantis on the Bay features traditional Lebanese dishes.


It’s easy to see why Brighton Le Sands is a fantastic place to live. From the gorgeous waterfront properties, the lovely beaches, and diverse community to the thriving local economy.

The laidback lifestyle and leafy suburbs only add to the appeal. There are plenty of work and business opportunities in the local community, and you’ll have access to regional and international markets through the Sydney airport.

Perhaps your best decision yet is to live in Brighton-Le-Sands.

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