Munch, Munch! The 5 Top Restaurants in Erina

Food is always an adventure. It can take you to different destinations, even without traveling. In Erina, there are plenty of restaurants you can eat at, with each having its own flair. However, five rose to the top for us; and we’ve listed them just for you.

Six String Brewery

For beer lovers out there, the best way to enjoy a pint (or more) of beer is by experiencing brewing itself. In Six String Brewery, you’ll get to see the brewing process, in addition to enjoying good food.

Six String Brewery isn’t your typical restaurant. It’s a restaurant within a brewery. Here, you’ll get to witness how beer is made through a brewery tour. In addition, there’s a complimentary beer tasting to satisfy your beer-loving heart. And if you’re in the mood for meat, Six String Brewery houses Moobi Valley, a restaurant specialising in dry-aged Black Angus Wagyu and Black Angus Beef.

In Six String Brewery, there’s never a time for not enjoying a pint of beer. You can find them at /330 The Entrance Rd, Erina NSW 2250.

New York Pizza Bar & Grill

There’s Italian pizza, and there’s American pizza. Then there’s Chicago-style pizza and NY-style pizza. No matter what style you choose, pizza is still pizza. Erina offers one of the best NY-style pizzas with the New York Pizza Bar & Grill. They have a huge selection of pizzas to choose from, as well as other food like burgers, chicken wings, and ribs. New York Pizza Bar & Grill also has a licensed bar apart from just pizza and bar snacks. They have plenty of cocktails, including signatures like the NYPB cocktail specials. Why come and eat here?  Because drinking and pizza go hand-in-hand in New York Pizza Bar & Grill. Find them at Shop 11 Fountain Plaza, 148-158 The Entrance Rd, Erina NSW 2250.

F220 Smokehouse

We will never get tired of slow-cooked barbecue!  This smoked meat is packed full of flavour that will make your mouth water. And barbecue found its home in Erina through F220 Smokehouse. You can find all sorts of barbecue here, all cooked to perfection. In addition to that, F220 Smokehouse has fabulous cocktails you can enjoy with your barbecue.

Unfortunately, F220 Smokehouse closed its doors last 2021, but you can go over to Fahrenheit Cafe to experience good food like no other. You can find them at 2/8 Karalta Rd, Erina NSW 2250.

Kings of Punjab

They say that once you discover Punjabi food, you’ll never look at Indian cuisine the same way again. Well, it’s true. Kings of Punjab brings you Punjabi food like no other, especially their specialty, Butter Chicken. Every bite is packed full of flavour from the spices and ingredients. And if you’re vegetarian but want to eat Punjabi food, Kings of Punjab has vegetarian options available for you.

Come and eat at Kings of Punjabi to l get “traditional, regional cuisine that’s fit for royalty”. Find them at 1/172-176 The Entrance Rd, Erina NSW 2250.

Yume Modern Japanese Restaurant

It’s hard when you’re craving Japanese food, but the food just doesn’t live up to par. This is not the case with Yume Japanese Restaurant. This restaurant combines traditional Japanese flavours with modernity to bring out the best in their dishes. Here, you’ll get to enjoy fresh, tasty food, even your sashimi. Try their agedashi tofu and eggplant, and you’d never eat eggplant the same way again.

Yume Modern Japanese Restaurant offers you food that’s just like its name, a dream. Find them at Shop 9, Fountain Plaza, Erina New South Wales 2250.

Welcome to Erina

Erina welcomes you with its good food and good atmosphere. It’s a beautiful city, and these restaurants complement the great lifestyle in Erina that you’ll have once you move here.

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