Know the Importance of Using Exchange Email in Your Business

An email is a constant and effective communication tool for businesses and individuals, even after the commercialisation of the Internet. It is essentially used by any organisation, for it offers greater privacy, better information storage, greater authenticity, faster communication, and quicker information retrieval.

Above all, it is still the most cost-effective marketing tool in business. Nevertheless, your business email accounts are susceptible to phishing attacks if they are not adequately protected.

Without anti-spam and virus protection, your business’ sensitive information will be at risk. Microsoft Exchange Email can help you have high levels of security of email accounts and messages from spam and phishing attacks. Email Exchange hosting ensures that your employees are productive and have full control of the business. It allows you to have custom mailboxes and add extra mailboxes anytime.

Know what is Microsoft Email Exchange

Exchange is a Microsoft email server designed specifically for business enterprises, including educational institutions. Microsoft Exchange is designed to accommodate a large number of users with great scalability, allowing users to use their email accounts from their mobile phone or a desktop computer or browser at any place. Exchange Email offers:

  • Email hosting and storage
  • A calendar, which allows you to plan meetings, invite members, and exchange materials
  • Contact management, with which you can create, edit, save, monitor, and review contacts in the address book
  • Notes to record important information and share it with employees
  • Collaborative tasks, wherein you can easily communicate about projects with team members and share related documents with them

Microsoft Exchange, as an email server, stores and manages your company’s email messages and contact details of people within and outside the organisation.

Through various monthly subscription plans, service providers can assist you in making the best use of Microsoft Email Exchange. Depending on your requirement, you can select a Premium or Business plan. When an Economy package is suitable for personal email exchange, Premium and Business plans are designed for small, medium, and large businesses. With Exchange Email hosting, you can:

1. Access your email account from any device

Subscribing to a Microsoft Exchange plan will allow you to use your business or personal email account on a desktop computer, any web browser, and a mobile phone from anywhere. With Email Exchange, you get to use various features and functionality of Outlook, like managing your emails, monitoring your contacts, managing your tasks, and checking your calendar. Hence, you can always stay in touch with your business clients while improving productivity.

It also helps optimise to suit various information formats and apply the same responsible design of Outlook desktop interface and features to a web browser and mobile interfaces, thus improving the user experience.

2. Store vital information in one location

By using a large mailbox or an In-Place Archive, you can archive messages and other essential documents or keep them in your primary inbox. It helps you follow compliance and storage requirements with robust yet flexible retention policies while maintaining user productivity.

3. Protect sensitive information

It is vital to safeguard confidential information about your company and its customers. Using Email Exchange’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capability, you may prevent users from transferring sensitive data to unauthorised parties. Using deep content analysis, DLP capabilities track, identify and safeguard secret information. The built-in DLP policies adhere to PCI and PII regulatory standards. The users get to know about internal compliance policies through DLP capabilities before sending an email.

4. Have advanced security and privacy

Your email accounts are protected against technical threats and phishing attacks with hosted Microsoft Exchange as it has built-in defences. It blocks highly sophisticated spam and phishing attacks to your email inbox with triple-layer anti-virus and anti-spam scanning.

Aside from that, you get to have Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) defence against external security threats in the plan. They continue to monitor the server for any of these attacks and take prompt action to stop them from intruding on the devices and mail server.

5. Maintain full control of your communications systems

The Exchange Manager provides an easy-to-use interface for managing site mailboxes, DLP capabilities, and Outlook Apps. Through the role-based access control functionality, you can perform specified actions that appear on the Exchange Manager. Hence, you can effectively schedule and assign tasks and manage Exchange to grow your business.

You can get the most out of Microsoft Exchange Email by signing up for a plan that includes a full SLA guarantee, custom mailboxes, ActiveSync support, and unlimited storage.

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