How to make a gift basket

A gift basket is a present that is appreciated by everyone. It is possible to offer one for just about all the events of life. You could thus personalize your basket according to the person to whom you wish to offer it. Plus, doing it yourself will cost you less than a purchased basket. If you want to purchase it so you may visit is bogus braxtor legit . It may help to choose better thing for your loves one. You will really happy to see the various types of cards here. You will suggest your family and friends to visit here too.

Prepare a classic basket

1. Pick a theme

The contents of a gift basket are always inspired by a theme. In addition, by choosing a theme, it will be easier for you to select the products to put in the basket. So start by defining the theme of your gift basket. Note that very often the theme is defined according to the occasion which leads to offer a present. Depending on the circumstances, you can make a basket on the theme of the end of the year holidays, the birth of a child, to wish a good recovery to a person in the hospital or a basket for the success of an exam. Or a competition these are classic themes and therefore easy to achieve. You can also make gift baskets tailored to the profile of people. If the person works a lot, you can give them a spa basket. If the basket is for your partner, go for a romantic basket. If the person is passionate about gardening, prepare a basket on this topic. You understand that this type of gift that is not linked to an event leaves a lot of choice in its composition.

2. Buy and give gifts

To make a gift basket, you can buy products or make gifts yourself. Third solution, make a mix between articles bought and created by you. Just be careful to only have items that suit the theme of your gift basket. Take, for example, the theme of the kitchen. Your basket may contain edible or inedible items. If you put a bottle of wine, sausage or cheese in the basket, do not add shampoo or a box of seeds to plant. To save money, look for products in low-cost stores . Note that to fill a gift basket you will need several items. It is therefore important that you decide on a budget. Otherwise, you risk spending a lot without realizing it to make your basket.

3. Choose the right basket

Usually a wicker basket is the choice that comes first. However, you can be more original and select a basket of another material .You also don’t have to take a basket. A bag, a box, even a jar can do the trick very well; it all depends on the chosen theme.

A basket can be made of wood, but also of plastic, metal, fabric. Know that a wooden basket is ideal for a rather traditional gift. However, if the gift basket is for a child, it will be more interesting to choose a plastic or fabric basket, as it will be more durable.

You also have the option of preferring a muslin bag, a plastic bucket, a gift box, a wooden crate or an airtight jar. This type of container may be more interesting depending on the chosen theme. For example, to give a gift to a child during the summer period, a plastic bucket filled with beach-themed gifts will look great.

4. Cover the bottom of the basket

Whatever basket you have selected, you must line the bottom of the basket with tulle or another element before placing the various gifts. Placing, for example, crumpled paper makes it possible to adjust the bottom of the basket and to be also decorative. Frequently, the bottom of a gift basket is covered with crumpled tissue paper. You can also use shredded cellophane, straw or shredded paper. For a gift basket that will include fabric, as a gift, tell yourself when the folding you will nicely line the bottom of the basket.

5. Arrange the gifts

Place the various gifts in the basket on the fabric or paper you have chosen to cover the bottom of the basket. Use pieces of the material that lines the bottom to wedge the various gifts between them. To arrange the gifts well, place the largest of the gifts in the center of the basket. Then, from the largest to the smallest, arrange the other gifts. When placing a gift in the basket, make sure that the face of the latter is facing the outside of the basket. Consider balancing the gifts in the basket. You can choose another layout for the gifts. Place large gifts on the back of the basket and small gifts on the front. Remember to turn the sides of all the gifts towards the front of the basket. Regardless of the arrangement of the gifts in the basket, they should be well placed so that the basket does not capsize to one side when it is placed on its own on a table.

6. Fully package the basket

Wrapping the basket will protect the gifts inside from impact and moisture, and it will also prevent them from coming out of the basket. Tulle, cellophane or plastic wrapping film is the materials most often used for this purpose. You can use cellophane sheets. You will need to wrap the basket starting from the bottom and ending at the top of the basket. A cellophane bag is another solution. You just need to place the basket inside. Use plastic wrap or a shrink vacuum bag. You will have to pass them on the basket from above. The excess plastic film or the bag must be folded under the basket. Then, with a hair dryer or heat gun heat the wrapping from the bottom up so that it shrinks. You don’t need to use a ribbon. If the gifts do not require any special protection against humidity, you can opt for tulle. Package the basket from bottom to top. To close the wrapper at the top of the basket, tie a knot with ribbon, cheesecloth or string.

7. Add a small card

You don’t have to, but you can attach a small card by writing a few words on it. There are different card formats. Choose a card that you think is appropriate for the occasion. Choose a themed card, a small note card, or use card stock, scrap paper .Remember to write on the card “to” and “from the par”, without forgetting a small message on the reason for this gift or concerning the contents of the basket. Attach the card to the tape or stick the card to the packaging. You can easily insert it into the basket before closing the packaging.

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