Aircon servicing Singapore is a system that allows you to control the temperature of your home, office or working space. Living beings cannot survive without air conditioning in Singapore’s tropical climate. It can also save lives too! There are many reasons why having an AC is so important in Singapore, especially for children with medical conditions such as asthma.

Temperature must be controlled by air-conditioning as local weather changes daily, it would not be safe to remove the need for air conditioning at home by using fans alone. With all the unpredictable weather patterns in Singapore, it’s hard to rely on fans only when coping with high humidity levels and hot temperature during our daily life. Regular changing of temperature could trigger life-threatening asthma attacks. It’s possible that your child would not be able to breathe during an asthma attack due to the increase in humidity.

During humid weather, aircon is better than fans Singapore’s hot and humid climate can easily lead to heat stroke, heat exhaustion or even death if precautions are not taken against the drastic changes of weather. The high levels of moisture could trigger these conditions easily if you live or work outdoors for long hours under direct sunlight.

Features of air conditioning systems

There are several types of cooling systems available based on which type your home needs- window mounted split system, portable room conditioner or centralized AC system depending upon where you wish to install it – at the office or inside individual rooms/spaces.

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Window mounted split system the most common type of air conditioner units is window units, which are typically used for cooling one or two rooms. They’re small and easy to install, but the downside is that they don’t cool your entire home, just the room in which they’re installed.

Portable room conditioners Portable room ACs act like individual mini-air conditioning systems because each unit has its own hose for exhausting hot air outside and sending cold air inside. This eliminates the need for installation on walls or windows.

Centralized aircon system provides total cooling throughout single building or within multiple buildings through a central plant or “chiller” equipment. A chiller uses water as its medium to transfer heat from where it is cooled to where it will be used. It can be used for multi storey buildings.

Maintenance of air conditioner in Singapore you need to pay attention to the following maintenance tips.

Preventative maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance by aircon servicing Singapore is very important after you install an air-conditioning system in your home, office or building. Preventative maintenance like oiling/greasing moving parts, cleaning filters and removing any obstructions are necessary tasks that must be carried out regularly. The reason why regular maintenance is vital for your AC’s optimal performance is because it helps prolong its life span and prevents things like mould growth caused by ineffective ventilation inside the unit resulting in corrosion on the coils.

Regular servicing by trained technicians of SoCool Services ensures more efficient, more effective and better performance of your AC system.

SoCool Services can also help you choose an AC depending on the square footage of your home or working space, humidity level and surrounding temperature. This helps them to provide right sized unit which could result in significant savings on energy bills for you.

SoCool Services is a one stop solution for all kinds of air conditioning services and maintenance needs in Singapore with their focus on professionalism and customer satisfaction. Put simply, we provide service, repairs and maintenance for residential and commercial customers’ AC systems installed by our company or other brands doithuong.

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