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How Can Microsoft’s Products Help Law Firms Achieve More?

Law firms may not be the first type of business people think of when it comes to cutting edge business technology, but there are many ways in which technology can help organisations in the legal sector succeed – whether that’s by upping productivity, attracting more customers, or lowering their operational costs. We spoke with TechQuarters, a company providing managed IT services London based businesses have been using for more than a decade, and they confirmed that technology really is the key to surviving in any sector nowadays.

TechQuarters are Microsoft Partners themselves, and they highly recommend the use of the Microsoft Cloud for Law Firms to achieve more.

What is the Microsoft Cloud?

All of the business-oriented products that Microsoft offer are hosted in their global cloud infrastructure. As such, the ecosystem is commonly referred to as the Microsoft Cloud. As an IT support company London businesses have relied on for years, TechQuarters in turn rely heavily on the Microsoft Cloud, as they have used it to build their own IT infrastructure – it supports their services and ensure that their workflows are optimised.

Below is a brief summary of the main products that make up the Microsoft Cloud:

  1. Microsoft Azure – This product is the main cloud services that Microsoft offers. It provides Infrastructure, Platform, and Software (as a Service) solutions to businesses – in this way, it is primarily used for businesses to undergo digital transformation.
  2. Microsoft 365 – The main productivity suite that businesses all over the world will be familiar with. It includes all the classic products, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and more. It provides businesses with all the functions and capabilities needed to maintain daily business operations.
  3. Microsoft Teams – Part of Microsoft 365, Teams is a collaboration platform that unifies communication channels, contacts, and content. In Teams you can chat, call, and meet with colleagues, and collaborate on content together.
  4. Dynamics 365 – A cloud-based platform that combines the capabilities of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, and a Content Relationship Management (CRM) system. All of these capabilities being accessible from a single platform has a wealth of benefits.
  5. Power Platform – A cloud-based platform comprised of 5 different products: Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps, Power Pages, and Power Virtual Agents.

Microsoft Cloud for Law Firms

We spoke with TechQuarters about how exactly the Microsoft Cloud can help Law Firms. They stated that each product included in the Microsoft ecosystem offers different benefits to different areas of the businesses – according to them, throughout their time providing IT support law firms rely on, their clients have always added value to their company by leveraging the Microsoft Cloud solutions.

1. Benefits Microsoft Azure

As a business facing service first and foremost, the benefits Microsoft Azure tend to be inward facing. For example, if a business migrates its infrastructure to Azure, they will be able to cut back on costs – such as hosting servers on-premise, and replacing and upgrading their servers every few years. Azure is great at future-proofing an organisation’s infrastructure, which is a huge advantage no matter what sector you are in.

2. Benefits Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is geared towards optimizing an organisation’s daily workflows and processes. For instance, Law firms deal with a lot of paperwork, and with business moving towards paperless documentation, it is important for firms to get their digital document management in good shape – Microsoft 365 can help with this, thanks to OneDrive and SharePoint, which offer robust cloud storage and file management capabilities.

3. Benefits of Microsoft Teams

Communication is key to any business, but especially Law firms. As Microsoft Teams is arguably one of the best business communication platforms in the business world right now, it is clear how the product can support Law firms.

4. Benefits of Dynamics 365

Law firms have to deal with a lot of highly sensitive data, and it is best that this data is kept centralised and protect by robust security and governance. Dynamics 365 provides excellent database services that makes organising and accessing important data easy whilst upholding a high level of data security, so Law firms can be sure that they are remaining compliant.

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