Guide for Novice Rummy Players

Out of all games that are played around the world, nothing is more exciting and engaging than a round of cards with friends and family. The fun around bluffing, the hiding of cards, and the mastermind planning that goes into the game is something that keeps the players on the edge of the seats until the very end! But when it comes to card games, sadly most people take it for poker alone. Yes, poker happens to be a hot favorite for all card lovers around the world but there are quite a few other card games that are gaining massive momentum by the day. The forerunner in the category being Rummy!

Rummy happens to be one of the oldest and most thrilling card games in history. Owing to its ease-of-play, several gripping variants to play from, and a large number of players; one can now also play rummy online anytime, anywhere. Participants are available for a game from all parts of the world at all hours of the day. And it just doesn’t stop there. There are so many prizes and accolades to be won! This game is played generally with two decks of cards within 6 players, but can also be easily played between 2 players with a single deck of cards. The whole objective of the game is to make valid sequences from 13 cards, with a minimum of 2 by picking cards from an unopened stack, open pile, and a joker card. Presenting a detailed guide right here for any beginner on How to play rummy and have some fun!

Central Idea of Rummy – Rummy is all about creating matching-card sequences either from received 13 cards or from picking one card upon turn from a deck of closed or open cards before any other opponent to secure the first place. The matching could be based upon color, sequence, or suits. And the cards could be in increasing order or of the same rank.

Minimum Sequences – To win the game one has to make a minimum of 2 sequences, of which 1 sequence ought to be made without a joker card (Pure Sequence). Always aim to get this pair first to secure a position. In many online rummy game editions, these ‘Sequences’ are also referred to as ‘Runs’.

Joker Usage – The Joker card plays the role of a substitute card that helps in completing sequences and forming Impure Sets. It can take up any color, suit, and number to win the game.

Declaration – When the player is done forming at least 1 Pure Sequence and other Impure Sequences, a declaration can be made. At this point, all other players pause the game and let the caller disclose the formed runs. Make sure to double-check the formed pairs to avoid any mistakes in haste and losing points.

Discarding – During every round as soon as a player picks one card from the opened or closed decks, one card has to be discarded from the dealt card set.

At present, there are approximately 5-6 variants of Rummy being played online. Owing to immense admiration among the masses, many players are playing rummy online professionally to earn money and name. Since points and money are involved both at the time of joining a board and exiting, the game strategy must be planned wisely and critically to avoid any losses.

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