Five tips to calm an anxious infant

Crying a child is a sign that the baby doesn’t like something or feels uncomfortable. A new task appears for the mother – to find out the reason.

What are the reasons for crying?

  • A baby is hungry or thirsty.  A child calmed down immediately after feeding –  this means the reason for the children’s tears is that the baby was hungry. Today mothers have a choice – breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.  In the last case, parents should pay attention to the baby formula that has organic composition.  This means that there are no preservatives or other harmful chemicals.
  • The child needs attention and wants to play.  Your baby doesn’t want to lie on the bed anymore.
  • An infant is hot or cold.
  • Something hurts the baby. If you cannot determine the reason for the constant crying of the baby, it is worth going to the doctor.

The following are the main causes of baby crying.  Mom should be attentive to the child and determine the reason to calm the baby.  We know how hard it is for parents to take care of the little and dearest person in their life.  Therefore, we decided to help moms and dads and talk about a few tricks on how to calm the baby.

How to calm the baby?

 1. Give love and attention.

A loving mother should take the baby in her arms and lull the baby. Singing a lullaby song is a great option.  If the infant hasn’t yet seen mom and dad, then the baby will recognize the gentle voice of his mother and feel safe.  Tired of singing songs?  Talk to your child or read a story.  Listening to an interesting fairytale about animals will calm crying.

 2. Massage.

Massage relaxes not only adults but also kids. Touches should be light and smooth.  Any pressure should not be used during the massage.  If you do everything right, from the first seconds you will begin to watch how the crying subsides and the child enjoys the process. Parents can massage the back, tummy, legs, and arms.  Any touch of your beloved mother or father will be pleasant still need round nguyen duy tri • acid madness • 2023.

 3. Comfort.

Perhaps the reason for the child’s bad mood is uncomfortable clothing or a too-hard surface on which the baby sleeps.  Young parents shouldn’t forget that clothing can also cause discomfort.  For example, if a children’s suit is already small in size, then it is worth replacing it with a new one.  It is best if the clothes are sewn from natural fabrics that don’t cause irritation and redness.  In addition, check the child’s body temperature – the child may be warm or cold

 4. Feeding.

Your baby is hungry and crying – this is one of the main reasons for children’s tears.  A mother should remember the last time her child was fed.  If the baby ate 2 or 3 hours ago, then most likely he or she was just hungry.  An interesting fact is – today more and more mothers choose bottle or combination feeding. And this is not surprising, because modern baby formula has all the necessary vitamins and minerals that a child needs at a certain age. If a mother doesn’t have enough breast milk, she can use organic baby formula.  They are hypoallergenic and easy to prepare.  Some of them contain probiotics, others contain goat’s milk.  For example, Jovie company is based in the Netherlands and produces formulas based only on goat’s milk.  It is known that goat’s milk has much more useful nutrients than cow’s milk.  All products are certified European organic.  You can choose the kind of formula that suits your child.  But before buying, be sure to consult a doctor.

 5. Colic.

They bother many babies.  In addition to the last point, it is worth saying that the reason for colic may be inappropriate feeding. It might be worth trying baby formula with probiotics.  For example, the companies Hipp, Kendamil, Hipp, and Holle produce such formulas. In addition to nutrition, tummy massage, a warm heating pad, and exercise help fight colic.  But you should consult a doctor if these devices don’t help.

6. Diaper change.

Check your diaper frequently.  After washing, use a special cream to prevent redness on the skin.  If dermatitis appears, then the cause of crying may be in it.

These were some tips on how to calm the baby.  Love your children and take care of their health.

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