Everything you need to know about ranks in CS:GO!

The path from the Silver 1 patent to Global is quite a long one. To get there, it’s important to understand these rankings and what you need to know to go further.

This is also important to csgo fogadás fans, as they help you understand the game itself better. Unfortunately, Valve has never revealed many details about how this ranked system works, but there is still a lot of information that helps to better understand its mechanics.

Check out several important details below that will help you get higher! 

All CS:GO Ranks

The patents below are applied for the Competitive Mode and for the Right Arm Mode, if you still can’t play these, you won’t be able to have rankings yet.

The order of 18 ranks starts in Silver I and goes all the way to Global Elite, where the best CS:GO players play Competitive and have the best betting odds online that you can find in many bookmakers across the globe.

The csgo current ranks are:

  1. Silver (1,2,3,4, Elite and Elite Master)
  2. Gold (1, 2, 3 and Master)
  3. Master Guardian (1, 2, Elite and Distinguished)
  4. Legendary (Eagle and Eagle Master)
  5. Supreme
  6. Global Elite

Even though you already have a rank, it will expire if you go 30 days without playing a ranked game. To get it back, you just have to win a single ranked match at any given time. 

However, you will probably receive a lower patent after that. Inside the game the official nomenclature is “Skill group expired”.

Your first Rank

For those at the first level, it will be necessary to play a few matches in any of the modes available to you (Casual, Playoff, Right Arm, etc). Once you reach level 2, Competitive Mode will be unlocked.

After being able to play Competitive Mode, you only need to play 10 matches in it to start taking part at how many ranks can you be apart in csgo. During this time your rank will show as “Unknown”, but the game will still evaluate your performance in each match to determine your opponents. 

This means that, even with no visible rank, if you win the first 7 matches, for example, you will be able to enter matches with very high-level players. In this way, the game can more accurately assess your level, and then define your rank after the 10th game.

There is also a “security system” that allows you to only win two matches a day while you don’t have a patent. The goal is to prevent players from forming closed groups to bypass the rating system and get high ranks quickly. Therefore, your first patent will take a few days to come out.

Finally, your first rank will never be higher than Master Guardian 2.

How to raise the rank

As a way to protect the integrity of the system, Valve does not disclose extensive information about the calculation of points for patents going up or down.

However, one thing is certain: you will only rise in rank if you win! This means that your individual match performance is much less important in defining your rank than your team’s success.

Also, the scoring system will always take into account the level of your teammates as well as your opponents, so there are always a lot of variables in play.

Even so, it is certain that if you win a match against lower level players, you will earn less points. If you win against higher level players, you’ll earn a lot of points. Likewise, of course, if you lose against lower level players, you will lose a lot of points. These rules lead us to the following conclusions:

  • Contribute to the team more than anything : Avoid playing individually as your performance will be useless if your team loses.
  • Encourage team communication : Considering that in ranked matches teams are often very disorganized, team communication can be much more important than player level.
  • Try playing with closed groups : the more friends you have to play together, the better. This helps communication and improves player rapport. 

Distribution of players by rank around the world

Reaching the highest ranks can take a long time and you will have to play a lot of games to slowly rise in rank. Don’t be discouraged if you are at low ranks, as only a small percentage of players can reach the higher csgo weapon ranks.


Currently, there are 18 Rankings in CS:GO, making it difficult to reach the highest ones, mainly because it is a collective game and, even without a lot of information, you can see that you rise in rank through your victories.

So it doesn’t matter if you have the best csgo launch settings and make awesome matches individually if your team is ultimately defeated.

As we talked about earlier, don’t worry about reaching the highest rankings. Be concerned about playing collectively and having fun. In time, you will certainly go further.


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