Cosmetics That Are Loved By Every College Girl

“That’s one of the things I love about makeup–you can change your whole attitude by just doing your eyeliner or lipstick differently.”

Quoting allmeaninginhindi Beyoncé here to explain how a dash of eyeliner or lipstick on your pretty face can amp up the beauty and your confidence.

Generally, the first introduction to makeup for girls is when they go to high school or college. And then there is no turning back. Girls love how makeup accentuates their features and add so element to their personality. Girls do not need a ton of products that are high-end to do makeup. Products that are easy to apply and long-lasting are always the priority.

Here is a list of makeup products and cosmetics that are sworn by every college-going girl.

  • A neutral eye shadow palette

You do not want to overdo your makeup and also you do not want to go bland when you go to college. For that neutral look on your eyes, you can opt for a neutral eye shadow palette that has a variety of shades. These shades can be used according to your class, prom, date, or any wikibirthdays occasion.

  • A lip balm

You stay in college for long hours, and it can take a toll on your hydration. Though you should always be carrying a water bottle, carrying a lip balm can always save you from chapped lips. You can use a tinted lip balm to add a rosy look to your lips.

  • Waterproof mascara

There is nothing that says bold like mascara. Opt for a waterproof mascara to instantly lift up the look of your eyes. Paint a single layer for lectures, and layer it up for the parties.

  • Perfume

Having a signature perfume can set you apart from the crowd. Invest in fine perfumes that suit your personality and are long-lasting. Just a spritz or two will keep you good for at least six to eight hours. 

  • Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an element that is a must-have in everyone’s cosmetic routine. It protects you from the harmful radiation or the UV rays of the sun. Make sure to choose the correct SPF depending on your exposure to the sun. 

  • Tinted Misturizer

If you do not want to invest in concealer and foundation, then you can opt for a tinted moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated and gives proper coverage. It acts as a good base for your  biographycon makeup. 

  • Makeup Removing Wipes

It is always advised to not go to bed with your makeup on. Invest in good quality makeup removal wipes that will cleanse your skin and hydrate it. 


Other than these products, you can also invest in dry shampoo and conditioner, which can give a refreshing look to your hair as well. Your introduction to makeup should be minimal, and college is the right place to start that. Always remember to invest in good quality products and do not go for thrift or fake products because they can do harm to your skin and hair.

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