Common Mistakes People Make When Using Cannabis

As more and more states give the green light to recreational cannabis use, a growing number of people are coming to discover how enjoyable weed can be. However, fledgling cannabis enthusiasts with limited knowledge and experience tend to make a number of mistakes when pursuing weed as a pastime. The consequences for such mistakes range from socially awkward situations to medical problems. As such, anyone who’s just starting to discover the wonders of cannabis would do well to avoid the following blunders.

Assuming All Weed is the Same

As any seasoned cannabis aficionado can attest, different strains of weed facilitate different reactions. That being the case, assuming that all weed is the same is pure folly. For example, if you’re looking for a strain that helps relieve stress, enlist the aid of a seasoned expert at your preferred dispensary. This person should also be able to act as a guide to cannabis quantities. Simply selecting the first – or most affordable – strain you come across is unlikely to provide the results you’re looking for and may actually bring about an unpleasant experience.

Additionally, some people respond to certain strains better – or worse – than others. So, if you’ve consistently had bad experiences with a certain type of strain, it’s generally best to stay away from it. Given how much variety there is when it comes to cannabis, swearing off one particular strain doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy other types buy weed online.

Improper Storage

Improperly storing your weed can have a noticeable impact on both its taste and overall effectiveness. So, if you intend to hang on to weed for a while, there are a couple of storage tips you’d do well to adhere to. First off, take care to place it in an airtight container. When seeking out the right container, keep in mind that glass tends to work better than plastic. Secondly, once you’ve found a suitable container and placed the weed therein, it will need to be stored in a place that’s dark, cool and, ideally, not too arid.

Not Inhaling Properly

Among weed enthusiasts, there’s a popular – but thoroughly mistaken – belief that taking big hits and holding them in your lungs for several seconds can get one particularly high. However, since virtually all THC is absorbed just milliseconds after a puff is taken, inhaling deeply and holding smoke in your lungs isn’t going to do anything. By the same token, taking hits that are too small is unlikely to get you high. As such, it’s best to opt for medium-sized hits and subsequently exhale any smoke immediately after inhaling.

Thinking You Won’t Get High

Another popular – but completely untrue – myth among cannabis lovers is that people smoking weed for the first time won’t get high. While believing this may help alleviate the anxiety of a first-timer, it needs to be understood that this assertion is in no way grounded in reality. When introducing THC into your bloodstream, there’s always a very good chance that you’ll get high, regardless of whether it’s your first time or your hundredth time.

In all likelihood, this belief relies on the assumption that someone smoking weed for the first time won’t smoke it properly. For example, if someone takes extremely small puffs and/or doesn’t inhale, they may not get sufficiently high.

Failing to Clean Equipment

Some cannabis enthusiasts rarely stop to think about equipment maintenance. For instance, failing to keep your bongs and pipes clean can result in smelliness and stickiness, which can have an adverse effect on the taste of weed. In the interest of keeping your equipment free of residue and getting the possible cannabis experience, make a point of cleaning pipes and bongs after each use.


It isn’t hard to see why so many people have come to embrace recreational cannabis use in recent years. In addition to helping you feel good and relieve pain, weed is commonly used for stress relief and relaxation. Still, this isn’t to say that one should dive into this pastime without a basic understanding of weed or the rules of cannabis etiquette. So, if you live in a state where recreational cannabis use is legal and you prefer to make informed decisions, steer clear of the mistakes discussed above.

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