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Building a house with a steel structure

Steel structure house บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน is the construction of a house using construction materials such as hot rolled section or cold rolled steel, such as H-beam steel, wide flange steel, I-beam steel ( I-beam, Hollow section, C-Light Lip Channel, Pipe, etc., which you may not be familiar with. How much is a steel structure house, because when it comes to building a house? Most people will think of images of house structures such as columns, beams, floors, and walls made of bricks and plaster.

The trend of steel structure houses is becoming popular nowadays.

in the present life behavior of people is flexibility to be ready to cope with the rapid changes in the trend of cultural exchange including many modern technologies Therefore, material selection, design and construction must be responsive to these. which steel structure house Or various residential building รับสร้างบ้าน structures that use structural steel would be an interesting alternative. For example, offices, home offices or even shops. with frequent renovations This can be easily done, reusable, unlike concrete structures. to be demolished causing wastage and wasted

Steel (Steel) used in architecture today. It can be divided into two main types: Hot-rolled steel and cold-formed steel Each type has different characteristics as follows:

hot rolled form steel

is rolled steel When the steel is still high temperature about 1200 degrees to get the desired shape, such as steel H-Bean, I-Beam, Channel, in which the iron at this high temperature. It is a process that heats the steel and cools it down sequentially. To reduce the stress in the steel and make the iron crystals more fine. which makes steel have higher strength and toughness which can iron with a very thick thickness As a result, when it is used to design Will be able to use a variety

Types of applications of hot rolled section steel

Often used in architectural structures. And various utilities are steel H-Bean, I-Beam, Channel ,Cut beam, etc., which are mostly hot-rolled steel.

cold formed steel

is a forming of steel sheet with normal temperature by folding Steel sheets and welded to become steel boxes, steel round pipes, or bring the steel sheet to be folded into a Z shape. The steel must be welded together. and such welds must be inspected classified as a method that causes strain-hardening in steel and gives steel higher strength and surface hardness to press than hot-rolled steel. But will affect the toughness of steel to decrease.

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Types of applications of cold-formed profiles

Often used in architectural decoration such as steel boxes, round tubes, etc., most of which are cold-formed steel.

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Advantages of profiled steel

  1. High power to weight Suitable for the construction of buildings with very long spans and tall buildings.
  2. have uniform mechanical properties Able to design a variety of architectural works, such as bending, making airy structures or can do a lot of overhang
  3. High flexibility permanently reduce deformation
  4. Long service life If cared for properly and properly
  5. High toughness, shape change before the disaster
  6. Easy and fast constructionVisit The Site: f95zone
  7. Convenient construction in confined spaces does not cause pollution
  8. It can bear vibration and earthquake better than other system structures.
  9. Can be modified, added or dismantled to build a new one. don’t be demolished
  10. 100% of materials can be recycled

Disadvantages of profiled steel

  1. have a high maintenance cost If the design is not suitable for use
  2. There is a cost to spray fire protection. The strength of the steel is greatly reduced in the event of fire and it is a good conductor of heat.
  3. Easy deflection In a steel building that is subjected to compression and has a high elongation Due to the relatively high strength of steel
  4. May woe by fatigue If improperly designed and used at low temperatures and subjected to repeated loads
  5. May be damaged by brittle fracture When the steel structure is in a very low temperature area.

with the properties of steel Steel structure houses are still a new construction trend, “steel material” is quite an interesting option. both for project owners Architects and Contractors because in addition to the strength of the structure Steel can also show off a cool design line in the design, and has many advantages in various fields, all of which have made the attitude towards steel in the construction and design industry change more and more, making it more popular to use. Is it a house or factory structure?

Building a steel structure house is easy to combine with other structures because it can combine construction with all types of materials. Whether it is brick masonry, wood, light wall partitions. Including covering the surface with various materials (Finishing) is not a problem for both exterior architecture and interior work. So your building can be designed and constructed as you want without any limitations.

Another advantage of steel structures is that they are lighter and faster to build. Steel structure houses are an ideal option for renovating or extending existing buildings. by using a steel structure to help reinforce the weight At present, the steel structure work can also be designed together with an engineering calculation program that can calculate the various distances of the structure in detail. Therefore, it is suitable to use steel structures for additions or renovations that require precision for designing on the original building site and installing together with the original materials.

In addition, the steel structure is the main structure, which responds to the design of the construction of the Modular System or “Prefabricated Construction System”, a building construction concept that reduces the work process on the site. The module is designed to be independent before being Transported to be installed at the job site. It is another option for modern project owners who want to build business buildings, both small and large. whether it is a hotel Office buildings, houses or shops, the use of a “prefabricated” system will help to control the quality of work as well through rigorous internal factory audits. Makes construction easy, fast and helps control various budgets effectively. Read More About: 0x00x0

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