Mathematics improves reasoning ability, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. There are multiple choice questions for each topic, as well as correct answers and explanations. With a lot of images and teases, the IMO book for Class 6 is meant to look intriguing. Students should practice all of the questions in this book, according to their teachers. This also aids students in achieving good grades in their school exams. The content holds the child’s attention for a long time.


One of the most fascinating sciences is mathematics. Many pupils, unfortunately, have a fear of mathematics. It is difficult for many of them to comprehend. This is most likely due to a lack of understanding of the fundamentals. One of the reasons why students develop an aversion to mathematics is a lack of appropriate practice. Math is a difficult subject for most pupils who do not practice regularly.

The Olympiad exams follow a curriculum that is based on educational standards. It serves all boards, including ICSE, CBSE, and other state boards. Students from anywhere throughout the country can participate in the Maths Olympiad, regardless of which board their school belongs to. In mathematics, rote learning is ineffective. Students must master the principles of mathematics to excel in the subject. Math necessitates logical reasoning and analytical abilities. The logical thinking subject is included in every Indian Talent Olympiad. It ensures that all students are exposed to critical thinking skills, regardless of whatever subject they are studying.

Olympiad books

For students in class 6, a Mathematics Olympiad exam is held with the help of reference materials. On a nationwide level, students are allowed to demonstrate their abilities. The new version of the IMO Book for Class 6 is designed not just for students preparing for Olympiad exams, but also for those who desire to succeed in mathematics. The content of this workbook is taken from the school board’s syllabus. Multiple-choice questions are included in this workbook. The answer key comes with a detailed explanation. The Book’s content is shaped under the supervision of specialists with a background in mathematics. This book is designed for students who want to develop their logical skills and understand the many types of questions that are asked in school.

Past year question paper

For pupils who want to practice additional problems for their upcoming exam, Standard 6 prior year question papers for the worldwide Mathematics Olympiad are provided. Teachers recommend that parents encourage their children to take such tests since they expose them to national and international competition. It enables them to gain confidence and respond to a wide range of inquiries. Students can use the question paper set to study for their school maths exams. Teachers advise parents to purchase the full set so that they can answer a variety of queries. It is the most effective strategy to prepare for and take a math exam. A student must solve past year papers such as Class 6 IMO Question Paper 2016 to increase the chances of success.

Annual Olympiad

The Annual Olympiads are also online exams that take place twice a year. The programme is set up so that students can practice as many questions as possible before their school exams. As a result, the exam is held in December and February. The time limit for the Online Maths Olympiad is 45 minutes. Students are given 50 different questions to answer and complete within the allotted time.

Class 6 mathematics is critical in reinforcing the subject’s fundamentals. Students in this age group and class go beyond the fundamentals of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students progress to more advanced topics by applying what they’ve learned in previous years. As a result, it is recommended that all students in class 6 prepare thoroughly and get all of their questions answered. Olympiads are a great way to practice advanced subjects. Participants not only obtain good grades in class 6, but it also helps them pass subsequent competitive tests as they go through the grades. Teachers are adamant about taking advantage of online Olympiads.

Monthly Olympiad

Students in class 6 can take part in the monthly Maths Olympiad, which is an online exam. Every month, tests are given on various chapters and portions of the school curriculum. It’s one of the most effective strategies to get the most practice throughout the year. The Math Olympiad is a 25-minute competition in which students must answer 30 multiple-choice questions. The total number of correct answers and the time it took to complete the exam were used to determine the winners. Students can choose between the Maths Olympiad and the Power Pack test, which contains Maths, Science, English, GK, Essay, and Drawing.

The monthly Olympiads boost students’ confidence in their ability to tackle any Math question from any chapter. This is because they are exposed to several practice sessions throughout the year. It benefits students not only in terms of getting good scores on their school unit tests or annual examinations but also in terms of preparing them for the approaching Annual Olympiads. Students study at a comfortable pace thanks to the chapter-by-chapter practice every month. It does not rush through subjects; rather, it allows students plenty of time to think about, contemplate, and comprehend each chapter. Pupils must begin to take Math seriously.


Preparing for the Olympiads is enjoyable, and it provides both immediate and long-term benefits. You may opt to invest the equivalent fraction of your energy depending on how serious you are about it. IMOs are intended to detect and stimulate mathematical innovation among pupils in Indian and international schools. It is critical to have a strong grasp of arithmetic in order to prepare for the exam. Continuously evaluate yourself. Learn about the syllabus on the IMO’s official website and begin preparing. It’s never too late to start. Therefore, all the basic guidance has been provided above and a student can take benefit of the same by grasping the important points and preparing accordingly.


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