9 Reasons You Should Move to Kogarah

Kogarah is a working-class suburb without striking features. Thousands of people cut through the area without giving it much consideration. However, it is one of the safest, most affordable, and convenient areas to live in New South Wales. This article gives you nine important reasons why you should move to Kogarah.


Moving to Kogarah will provide you with the ultimate convenience to reach Sydney’s CBD and all other regions in the St. George area. It is located a 14-kilometre distance from the CBD and is the heart of the St. George region.


You can use public means such as a train, buses, and taxis to make your way around Kogarah and across neighbouring suburbs. Kogarah is also close to Sydney international airport, which you can use to travel to faraway destinations.

Real Estate

If you’re seeking to buy or rent property on cost-friendly terms, then Kogarah is the place you should move to. It is good to note that houses in Kogarah are neither too cheap nor too expensive; they are in good condition worth their costs, and mortgage terms are conducive.

The population in the area doesn’t put much pressure on resources, so you can buy a house with as little as $1 million.

The area is also suitable for renting, with rental apartments going for as low as $420 per week or more according to your needs.

Housing Types

Kogarah gives you a variety of housing types to choose from. It has low-density houses, medium-density flats, and high-density apartments. You can select your neighbourhood, either on the large properties in the backstreets, close to the railway station or the beaches.


If safety is one of your fundamental concerns in your present location, you should move to Kogarah. The area is among the safest regions for you and your family.

Schools and Churches

Your children will get high-quality education courtesy of the low teacher-to-learner ratio facilitated by the availability of numerous learning institutions. The learning institutions accommodate students from the area and surrounding suburbs, giving your kids unlimited social exposure.

Kogarah gives you the freedom of worship. You can live without any religious affiliation or attend the various religious facilities in the area.

Recreational Facilities

Once in a while, you’ll need to unwind from your busy schedule, participate in leisure activities or be a spectator. With various parks and reserves, a stadium, and a golf club, Kogarah is the place to go.


Commercial activities form the basis for an area’s growth. You can participate in commercial activities in Kogarah’s commercial area extending from Kogarah town centre to Montgomery and Belgrave streets.

If you choose the industrial way, you can find light industries along Rocky Point Road and Princes Highway.


Although Kogarah comprises people of all ages, the highest percentage of the population is taken up by people below age 40. This makes the area highly productive and with high growth potential.

If you’re starting your career, have a young family to raise, or have many responsibilities to meet, Kogarah is the place to move to. You’ll find a conducive and convenient environment suitable for your lifestyle.


You will enjoy the safety, adequate amenities, and convenience of travelling to various locations if you live in Kogarah.

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