9 Reasons to Live in Sutherland Shire

If you’re a person who appreciates having the best of both worlds, it might be time to move to Sutherland Shire. Sutherland Shire provides a perfect balance of Sydney’s city life and spacious suburban living. Here are 9 reasons to make Sutherland Shire your new home.

1. Simple Commute to Sydney

Perhaps the most raved about perk by Sutherland Shire residents is the ease of commute into Sydney. The express train from the shire will get you into Sydney in 32 minutes, according to locals. For those who are in search of work-life balance, there couldn’t be a more perfect compromise.

2. 2nd Most Livable City

According to the “Life in Australia 2020” survey by Ipsos, Sutherland Shire ranks 2nd in its livability rankings. The survey found Sutherland Shire well above average in all but 4 of the 16 categories used to determine an overall quality of life. The shire was only narrowly beaten by the city of Adelaide. However, Sutherland Shire plans to close that gap sooner rather than later.

3. Outdoor Lover’s Paradise

With Peace Park on the east side and the Woronora River on the west side, there are endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Fishing and canoeing are just a couple of the recreational activities available to residents. Additionally, Cronulla Beach is only 20 minutes away. Surfing, anyone?

4. Educational Opportunities Abound

Sutherland Shires ranked above average for schools, public and private. Teachers are highly regarded, and the community consistently outperforms the rest of the country. Sutherland Shire schools were even able to maintain their good standing throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

5. Quality Dining

Sutherland Shire has an abundance of local cafés and restaurants, all beloved by the community. The historic value of local favorites such as Boyles or The Royal adds a touch of heritage and prestige.

6. Diverse Housing Options

Newer apartment blocks continue to rise in Sutherland Shire, mixing seamlessly with older homes and townhouses alike. While a freestanding home goes for roughly $1 million, you can easily find a townhouse or duplex in the $700k/$750k range. With renting options also available, it’s possible to find something in every price range.

7. Plenty of Sports and Recreation

With the Sutherland Leisure Complex as a hub for casual and competitive sports, there’s always an opportunity to play in the shire. Cricket, football, and swimming are the most popular activities, and with plenty of parks, participants and spectators alike can always get in on the action.

8. Lush Environment

With tree-lined streets, waterfront views, and hillside landscapes, connecting to nature has never been easier. Shire residents enjoy some of the freshest air in the country.

9. Safe, Friendly Neighborhoods

Sutherland Shire mayor Steve Simpson claims that the shire has “a warm and welcoming community spirit that you just can’t replicate.” Sutherland Shire seems to be a perfect place for nearly anyone, from small families to retirees.

Sutherland Shire continues to impress, and the proof is in the rankings. For a lush landscape only 30 minutes outside of Sydney, the shire really can’t be beaten. With a strong sense of community pride and an abundance of social offerings, Sutherland Shire is an ideal place to call home.

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