5 Unique Ways to Manage Nausea

If you suffer from frequent bouts of nausea, you’ve probably tried a few standard ways to manage it.

Eating slowly, consuming smaller meals, and avoiding trigger foods are likely coping strategies you’ve put into effect.

But if you still suffer from nausea, you’re also likely willing to try just about anything to make it end. Luckily, there are a few ideas you may not have thought of yet that can help!

These are five unique ways to manage nausea to start feeling better today.

1. Go as Flavorless as Possible

To avoid feeling nauseous after a meal, really put thought into what your meal.

You’ll be less likely to trigger an upset stomach if you try the following:

  • Eat bland foods, like plain bread and saltines
  • Avoid overly spiced foods
  • Stay away from foods that are greasy or sweet

Yeah, this may not sound like a wonderful way to eat, but it is helpful when managing nausea. When you consume foods with intense flavors and greasy textures. you’re more likely to feel nauseous afterward.

Avoid these trigger foods when you’re in a nausea cycle and slowly introduce them once you feel better. More likely than not, it’s just a phase, and you won’t have to give up these foods for good.

2. Relax After Eating

After you eat, sit down and relax. For people who battle nausea, their post-meal rituals are key in taming an upset stomach.

While you may think that activities like washing the dishes and stretching your legs may help tame nausea, the reverse is true.

When you’re done eating, find a comfortable place to sit and practice deep breathing exercises. Allow digestion to occur naturally and uninterrupted.

If you’re someone who likes to brush their teeth after a meal, avoid this. Your toothbrush may worsen your nausea by triggering your vomit reflex. Instead, chew a piece of minty, sugarless gum as you relax.

This is also a good time to try out our next tip …

3. Sip Ice-Cold Beverages Slowly

If you love a hot coffee or tea after a meal, resist drinking them at all costs when you experience nausea! Hot beverages can irritate your stomach, making your nausea worse.

Instead, sip slowly on ice-cold water. Not crazy about plain water? Try these other cold drinks that can help soothe a rumbling tummy.

Just be certain not to gulp too feverishly, no matter how thirsty you feel. Slow, infrequent sips are crucial to managing nausea.

4. Do Not Eat Hot and Cold Foods Together

This is another unique way to manage nausea.

Avoid eating hot and cold foods in any given meal.

Why? Because your stomach has to work overtime digesting foods that have both hot and cold components.

If you’re prone to nausea, you will no doubt experience that awful side effect following a meal with hot and cold foods. So be sure to eat meals with only chilled or warm foods at every serving, and you’ll be far less likely to experience an upset stomach after.

5. Experiment with CBD

If you haven’t tried CBD to tame nausea before, now may be the time.

Plenty of scientific research proves that it can relax your mind and body. CBD also boasts pain management properties, meaning you can take it in supplementary form to relax your body and reduce stomach upsets.

People who have nausea due to undergoing cancer treatments respond especially well to CBD. If you’re nauseated due to pregnancy, it goes without saying that you can skip this unique nausea management technique for now!

CBD is also a popular treatment alternative for people who have diabetes and digestive disorders.

Read more about CBD and its various benefits here.


Nausea is one of the least comfortable feelings you can experience. But luckily, there are both common and unique ways to manage it. Mark says the most essential speech about food.

When you are experiencing nausea, remember to:

  • Eat bland foods only
  • Limit movement and breathe deeply after a meal
  • Slowly sip ice-cold beverages
  • Only eat meals that are hot or cold, temperature wise
  • Try CBD supplements or edibles to relax your body and manage stomach pain

While these ideas may do the trick, if your nausea does not subside, be sure to see a doctor.

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