3 Things to Consider When Getting Cremation Urns

Death has always been a taboo topic everyone tries to avoid, although it is an unavoidable part of life. And when it comes to choosing the cremation urns, everyone is a beginner.

It is because shopping for cremation urns is a last-minute consideration for most families. You only give it a thought when a family member departs, and you are left with organising the whole cremation ceremony.

Most people have a lot of questions when choosing the right urn. What size do they need? What material is better? And are there specific requirements for a purchase? Here are some of the things you need to consider if you want to honour a departed loved one with the right cremation urn.

Consider the Intended Use of the Cremation Urn

One of the most critical considerations you need to figure before making a purchase is to know how and where the urn is used. Will the urn be buried in the cemetery, or will it be stored in a columbarium?

Knowing how and where the cremation urn goes helps with your buying decision as there are a certain size and material limitations in either instance. If you plan to have the cremation urn displayed in your home, it might offer you the freedom to choose the size and material.

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Whilst, if you intend to have the ashes scattered, it might be good to consider a temporary cremation urn. It might also help with your decision if the ashes are scattered right away, or perhaps you intend to store it for a little time until such time when you or the deceased has requested.

Understanding the Size Capacity of the Cremation Urn 

One big concern everyone faces when buying cremation urns is making sure that the ashes fit. The funerary industry has a simple rule to help families decide on the appropriate cremation urn for their family member.

A pound of the person’s body weight would equal a cubic inch of the cremated remains. It is the reason why these vessels are measured in a cubic inch capacity. The general standards for an adult urn are 200 cubic inches. This measurement typically works for most people weighing 200 lbs. or less.

A smaller keepsake is a great consideration if the small portions of the remains will be divided among family members or you intend to have it scattered. Companion urns are also a great alternative if your family wishes to hold two remains in one cremation urn.

Opting for the Right Material and Design

Unlike what most people believe, cremation urns also come in various materials. Although the most typical ones are ceramic, they also come in metal, wood, or stone. Choosing the type of material is a matter of personal preference.

It might be your choice or a special request from the departed family member. Consider that these types of materials will typically last for years. But if you plan to have the cremated ashes buried in the cemetery or stored in a columbarium, you might want to purchase a stone urn, cultured marble, or a granite urn.

The design also takes precedence above everything else because it will be reflective of your loved ones. There are various designs for cremation urns, and although appearance is a factor in the buying process, it might be good to have your family member in mind.

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